Career Ladder

A career ladder can benefit Pinellas County classified service employees and their managers. Human Resources can assist departments with designing a process to move employees to a higher classification with a higher level responsibility, but within the same job family.

There are many benefits to using career ladders within your work unit. For the employee, it provides the opportunity to develop new skills and competencies at their own pace. Career ladders can also encourage employee initiative and motivation to achieve departmental goals.

How to Create a Career Ladder

This is a department-driven process. With help from Human Resources and approval of the Personnel Board, departments establish criteria for advancing from a lower-level position to the next higher-level position. Advancement may occur with or without competition, and the career ladder helps employees move their careers forward without leaving the work unit.

A few conditions must be met before a department can introduce a career ladder:

  1. The department must have a genuine need for the higher-level work.
  2. The target position classification must be available for career ladders.
  3. The employee must be both interested in the higher-level work and able to demonstrate the potential to successfully perform the work. Managers and supervisors create criteria for advancement within the career ladder. They are encouraged to discuss the criteria with Human Resources staff in the Pay and Classification section.

Contact Information

For more information or assistance in creating a career ladder, contact Human Resources at 727-464-3367 or