Daily Wellbeing Checklist

Facing a “new normal” is stressful. Establishing new routines is important and helps to manage stress. This daily checklist encourages us to take care of our bodies, our hearts and our minds and will provide some structure to the day. Feel free to check these off your list in an order that works for you.

steps to maintain your well-being

Simple Daily Steps to Maintain Your Wellbeing

  • Take a few minutes to be in the moment, enjoying something simple.
    • Smell your morning coffee.
    • Listen to a favorite song.
    • Look at a cherished photo of a happy moment.
  • List three things you’re grateful for today.
  • Do one thing to get your heart rate up.
    • Stand up and stretch for five minutes.
    • Get outside to walk, run or ride a bike.
    • Work out along with a fun exercise video online.
  • Reach out to a human outside your home.
    • Call your neighbor.
    • FaceTime your grandmother.
    • Email a coworker you don’t interact with often.
  • Manage stress with one healthy activity.
    • Get at least seven hours of sleep.
    • Do a deep breathing exercise for five minutes.
    • Read a book or magazine.
  • Do one thing you will be glad you did later.
    • Organize that junk drawer in the kitchen.
    • Tell someone three things you like about them.
    • Select 10 items for future donation (clothes, canned goods, etc.).
  • Prepare a healthy meal or snack for the next day.
    • Chop vegetables for a stir fry.
    • Put berries in freezer bags for your morning cereal.
    • Bag up nuts or dried fruit for snacking.