Disaster Assistance

It is difficult to predict when emergency-relief services may become available after a hurricane. Often it could take days— sometimes even weeks. Pinellas County works with local, state and federal organizations to provide essentials for residents and business owners as quickly as possible.

Once emergency needs are met, recovery begins. In the months that follow, state and federal government agencies will set up assistance sites to help with applying for disaster assistance related to business restoration, building repairs and long-term housing for those who lost homes. The priorities are to make sure everyone has a safe place to stay and that county businesses can get back to serving the community.

Insurance Claims

You may need to access both your home and automobile policies to put things back together. Be sure to:

  • As part of your pre-disaster preparations, inventory all of your possessions. Take photos and videos of all of your belongings and of your home and yard. Store these files in the cloud and/or on a thumb drive. Print them out.
  • Immediately report property damage to your insurance agent. Your agent should provide you with claim forms and arrange for someone to visit your property.
  • Document temporary repairs that you make. Keep all receipts and take photographs of the damages before and after a repair.
  • Lock doors and windows and remove valuable items if you are leaving your home because of the damage. Leave contact information with your insurance agent.
  • Check with your local building office to determine if repairs require a permit.
Car crushed by fallen tree

Know Your Rights

Criminals may target vulnerable consumers after a storm. Know your rights as a consumer. Do not let your eagerness to make repairs leave you a victim.

  • Be cautious of anyone coming to your home uninvited and offering to complete home repairs.
  • Stay aware of individuals canvassing your neighborhood in an unmarked van or truck.
  • Insist on a written estimate before agreeing to anything, and get estimates from several companies.
  • Be sure the contract or business card has an address, telephone number and license numbers.
  • Ask for references and check them out.
  • Insist on start and completion dates in the contract.
  • Do not pay the final balance for work performed until it is completed to your satisfaction.

Contact Pinellas County Consumer Services for more information at 727-464-6200 or to file a complaint.

Assistance from Disaster Relief Agencies

Disaster Recovery Centers

The Federal Emergency Management Agency may establish Disaster Recovery Centers. Locations will depend on the damages. Services may include:

  • Temporary housing
  • Low-interest small business loans
  • Unemployment assistance
  • Individual and family grants
  • Crisis counseling


Other Relief Resources

Contact Information

Pinellas County Emergency Operations Center
Department of Emergency Management

During an emergency, call the County Information Center at 727-464-4333.