How to Request a Course in EBS (OPUS)

Pinellas County offers more than 100 in-house courses (in-person and virtual) that employees may attend during work hours with supervisor approval. View step-by-step instructions below to register for a course, pending approval from your supervisor.

  1. Log into EBS (OPUS).
  2. Click on PIN OLM Learner > Learning > Learner Home.
  3. Search for a course.
    • To view all courses, click the Course Catalog tab and select *Learning Catalog or the name of a department.
    • To search by keyword, type word(s) in the search box, and click Go.
  4. Click on the course desired.
  5. Click on the Offering Name.
  6. Click on the class date desired.
  7. Review the information and then click Enroll.
  8. If your supervisor knows why you are requesting the class, click Review and Submit. If your supervisor does not know why you are requesting the class, click the magnifying glass next to Enrollment Justification. In the window that opens, click Go, select the justification, click Select, click Review, and click Submit.
  9. Your request will be forwarded to your supervisor for review.
  10. Once approved, you will get a confirmation email (from wfeprd) indicating that you are approved to take the course.


Contact Organizational & Talent Development by email at or call (727) 464-3367, option 2.