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Virtual Inspections Wire Size Affidavit

This form is required for all air handler virtual inspections. Before completing your virtual inspection, please fill out this form and upload...

Virtual Inspection Consent Form

Before completing a virtual inspection, please fill out this consent form and upload to your permit in the Pinellas County Access Portal.

Virtual Inspections

Coming soon for select commercial and residential permits Save time using our new virtual inspection tool! Starting April 3, 2023, customers will...

Digital Plan Room

All permitting applications and site plan submissions are now managed through the Pinellas County Access Portal. Save this page as a favorite!...

FEMA Elevation Certificate Instructions 086-0-33

Used to estimate the risk premium rates necessary to provide flood insurance for new or substantially improved structures in designated Special Flood Hazard Areas.

Plants and Trees for Green Infrastructure

List of plants and trees known for being highly drought tolerant and/or flood tolerant. The list does not represent all possible plant/tree species – there are many more native and Florida Friendly plant options that could be used.

Development Review Services Site Plan Viewer

EGIS app that allows users to filter and view basic information of site plans submitted to Development Review Services.

Petition to Vacate a Public Right of Way or Easement

Development Review Services provides the coordination services of the application requests for releases and vacations of public right of way or easements....

Simple Zoning Certification Letter Request Form

A simple zoning certification letter certifies the current zoning, land use, and permitted uses of a parcel of land.

Detailed Zoning Certification Letter Request Form

A detailed zoning certification letter certifies the current zoning, land use, and permitted uses of a parcel of land.

Permitting Guide

Steps for submitting residential and commercial permits to the Pinellas County Building department

FY22 Adopted Budget Section K Appendix

Appendix of Section K of the Pinellas County Fiscal Year 2022 Adopted Budget.

Building Services

Services Building Services provides building permits, building inspections and code reference for unincorporated Pinellas County and the following communities: Belleair Beach, Belleair Bluffs,...

Check Building Permit Status Without a Contractor’s License

Residents without a contractor's license can use these instructions to check the status of building permits in the Pinellas County Access Portal.

Notice of Commencement Form

PDF form for Notice of Commencement (NOC), giving notice that improvements will be made to certain real property in accordance with Section 713.13 of the Florida Statutes.

Right of Way Utilization Permit Application

PDF form to apply for a Utilization Permit from Pinellas County Building & Development Review Service for construction in the Right of Way.

Platting Checklist

Plat checklist compiling requirements found in Chapter 177 of the Statues for the State of Florida and Section 154 of the Pinellas County Code Book.