Pinellas County Charter and Charter Review Commission

View the final report from the 2015-2016 Charter Review Commission, as approved at our June 15, 2016 public hearing:

To obtain meeting agendas, minutes, presentations, and other documents from the 2015/16 Charter Review Commission, please submit a Public Records Request.

In Florida, counties are subdivisions of the state. In 1968, Florida voters amended the state constitution to provide counties with the power to govern themselves, often referred to as home-rule. Counties can enhance their home-rule authority by adopting a charter. Pinellas County became a charter county in 1980, when voters approved our charter at referendum.

View the County’s Current Charter.

Every eight years, we appoint an independent, 13-member Charter Review Commission (CRC) to review our charter and, if needed, place amendments on the ballot for the voters to consider. The CRC features nine citizen appointments, which are made by the Board of County Commissioners. By offering the public a role in this crucial process, the CRC gives you a direct influence on the structure of your local government.

For more information about counties, charters, and our review process, view the Pinellas County Charter and Charter Review Commission Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).