A wide array of initiatives across Pinellas County to improve the well being and livelihood of its residents and visitors.

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Government Offices

Boards, Councils, and Committees


Baskets for Beaches

The Baskets for Beaches program enables you to make a difference by collecting trash as you walk the beach. Grab a basket...

Bright Futures Scholarship Program Volunteers

Pinellas County is proud to offer opportunities for high school students to meet the requirements for a Florida Bright Futures Scholarship. Our...

Volunteers in Pinellas

Pinellas County Government depends upon volunteers to help provide residents and visitors with the best service possible.


The Adopt-A-Park program is great for businesses or civic groups looking to give back to their community. Pinellas County Parks & Conservation...

Pinellas Trail Adopt-A-Mile Program

Brochure outlining the Pinellas Trail Adopt-A-Mile Program, a cooperative partnership between the public/private sector and Pinellas County.


Help decrease flooding, improve water quality and create habitat for wildlife in your area by participating in Pinellas County’s Adopt-A-Pond program. When...

Learn More about the Adopt-A-Drain Pilot Program

Why Adopt-A-Drain? Adopt-A-Drain reduces the potential for flooding and improves water quality by ensuring storm drains are free and clear of debris....

Adopt-A-Drain Pilot Program

You can help improve water quality in your community. Through the Adopt-A-Drain program, you’ll help stop pollutants from reaching our waterways by...