Baypointe Stormwater Conservation Area Project Status

The availability of 40 acres of open space in Pinellas County is rare. In 2019, the Pinellas County Public Works Department considered the water quality benefits of the site formerly known as the Baypointe Golf Course.

In December 2019, the Board of County Commissioners approved funds to purchase the site. The County closed on the site on February 14, 2020. County staff and a contractor cleaned up the site for passive use until the ultimate stormwater project can be designed and constructed.

Important elements of the plan include a combination of dry ponds and wet ponds/wet pond expansion while preserving as many mature, healthy native trees as possible. Plans will include passive recreation opportunities and enhance native habitat.

Project Goals

  • Improve stormwater quality.
  • Improve flood control.
  • Provide passive park elements.
  • Provide native habitat.

One of the most important aspects of the project is community partnership. A conceptual plan allows for flexibility of project elements based on community preferences. Surveys will be developed to help define the location, extent and type of project elements.

Cleanup Phase

County staff partnered with a contractor who cleaned the Baypointe Stormwater Conservation Area from February through May 2020. The work included:

  • Removal/treatment of invasive aquatic vegetation along the ditches and ponds.
  • Mowing.
  • Minor landscaping/pruning/trimming.
  • Hazardous and downed tree removal near walking paths.
  • Signage.
  • Repair to erosion areas.

Continued mowing efforts are economical efforts that maintain the perimeter and provide habitat on the interior of the site.