Community Outreach for the Walsingham Equestrian Park Project

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Walsingham Equestrian Park

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Construction: In progress

Community outreach is integrated into every step of this evaluation to ensure that residents and other interested parties have meaningful participation in the process. Please be assured that there will be a robust discussion before any decision is made.

Opportunities for community involvement will be provided throughout this evaluation and you may visit this website for up-to-date information about the study details, upcoming community outreach] and information from past meetings.

July 2020

At present, the evaluation team has received results from the recent Feasibility Study and is preparing for a Nutrient Source Tracking Study to assess the water quality in the area.

Preliminary results of the Feasibility Study indicate that baseflow treatment on the west side of the creek and stormwater treatment on the east side of the creek could result in a significant water quality benefit. As a result of the study’s completion and community feedback, a revised Feasibility Study concept for consideration was developed. Results from the Nutrient Source Tracking Study will be used to further evaluate this concept.

feasibility study concept map

June 2020

Based on feedback from the Walsingham Horsema’s Association, Inc. (WHA), the Kiwanis Horses for Handicapped Foundation of Pinellas (HforH) and the community, an updated Feasibly Study Concept was developed for further evaluation.

April 2020

Initial outreach was made to the WHA and HforH as licensees of Walsingham Equestrian Park. The two initial concepts that include stormwater management ponds, as explained in the April 28 letter, are no longer being considered. Feedback from WHA and HforH can be found below:

Outreach to the larger community will come after data from the Nutrient Source Tracking Study has been evaluated. We encourage feedback from all interested stakeholders and will continue outreach efforts to ensure that the benefits of the potential effort are maximized for all parties involved. All feedback will be documented and used to guide the location and scale of possible elements and ultimately how the park could be utilized. To provide feedback on the concepts presented in the feasibility study, please visit the Contact Us page.

Upcoming Meetings

An information meeting is planned once data from the Nutrient Source Tracking Study has been evaluated. Check back for date, time and meeting details.