Frequently Asked Questions About the Lake Shore Estates Roadways and Drainage Improvements

Is the project presentation available on the website?

Yes, the project presentation video file delivered during the Jan. 7 virtual meeting is available for review on this website.

Are the project plans available on the website?

Yes, the project plans file are currently available for review on this website.

How long will the streets be under construction?

The project’s construction schedule is available for review on this website. Updates to the schedule will be provided throughout the life of the project when schedule changes warrant. 

What are the hours the contractor will be working?

The contract states work will be performed from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Adjusted hours of 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. will be suggested but is not mandatory per contract.

What about decorative paver driveways, irrigation systems and other private improvements in the public right-of-way?

All planned improvements are within existing public Right-Of-Way (ROW) and drainage easements. Any privately owned amenities in the construction zone ROW, including landscaping, signs, irrigation systems, lighting, etc., that owners wish to retain need to be moved by the owner or the contractor will remove them.

Portions of driveways may be reconstructed, and the contractor will replace poured concrete driveways in-kind. For decorative paver driveways, the existing block and/or interlocking concrete pavers will be removed and placed on pallets by the contractor. The pallets will be placed on the owner’s property for re-installation by the homeowner or their service provider after project completion. For irrigation systems, the contractor will place a temporary cap on the pipe, and the irrigation system within the public ROW will be removed.

Items such as mailboxes will be removed and reinstalled by the contractor. All disturbed areas will be regraded and sodded. There may be temporary disruptions at individual driveways. The contractor will coordinate with each property owner prior to impacting driveway access.

How will mail be received if a mailbox needs to be removed?

The contractor will move non-structural standard mailboxes in conflict with construction to the backside of the right of way. The Pinellas County Inspector has already contacted the postal employee who regularly delivers to this subdivision. The postal worker is aware and prepared to deliver mail by foot in areas affected by construction, similar to Phase I. There will be no interruptions in mail service.