Lake Shore Estates Drainage Improvements Phase 1

Project Location

Lake Shore Estates is on the east side of US Hwy 19 between Alderman Road and Klosterman Road.

Project Overview

The Lake Shore Estates Roadway and Drainage Improvements Phase 1 Project resides in the Lake Shore Estates Subdivision of Palm Harbor. For the purposes of this project, the segment known as Freshwater Estates was also included as part of Lake Shore Estates.

Phase 1 included five streets that were selected for drainage and road reconstruction improvements based on ranking, available funding and recorded citizen input. Those five streets were Citrus Drive, S. Canal Drive, Cypress Drive, N. Canal Drive and Freshwater Drive. In addition to the drainage and road work, Pinellas County Utilities replaced the main sewer line on South Canal Drive, one of the five streets included in Phase 1.

The identified drainage and road improvements from the Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) for the nine remaining streets were addressed in Phase 2. In addition to identified drainage and road reconstruction needs, all roads were milled and repaved.

This project was administered by the Pinellas County Public Works Department and completed in March 2020.

Project Schedule

  • Design Start: December 16, 2015
  • Design End: May 11, 2018
  • Construction Start: December 20, 2018
  • Construction End: March 26, 2020