Project Status for Oakwood Drive Bridge Replacement

The project was awarded to American Empire Builders, Inc., by the Board of County Commissioners on December 7, 2021. Construction is anticipated to begin in late March/early April 2022 and is expected to take 15 months.

Evaluation of the project began in 2011 with a Phase 1 analysis to determine whether the bridge could be repaired or needed replacement. A determination was made that the bridge is approaching the end of its life cycle and should be replaced.

The next phase was to determine the most economical and feasible replacement options for the bridge. This included evaluating various requirements for the bridge, such as the opening size for the channel, type of materials for the structure, permitting requirements, and utility involvement. Findings from this phase led to the project design phase.

Project design concluded in 2021 after completing all coordination with permitting and utility agencies. During this time, the design standards were revised allowing a redesign of the bridge deck that would reduce environmental impacts on the waterway below the bridge. The County decided to incorporate those changes to capitalize on the reduced impacts.

Project Updates

  • June 13, 2022 – After a long lead-time for materials, the contractor has notified the County that they are scheduled to start work on July 5, 2022. Variable message boards with resident information will be placed in mid-June. Temporary traffic control devices will be set up, and the eastbound traffic lane is expected to be closed on July 5. All traffic will use the westbound lane and be controlled by the temporary traffic signal. For everyone’s safety, please abide by the traffic signals and work zone signage.