Project Status for the Walsingham Equestrian Park Project

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Project Location

Walsingham Equestrian Park

Project Status

Construction: In progress

At present, the evaluation team has received results from the recent Feasibility Study and is preparing for a Nutrient Source Tracking Study to assess Walsingham Equestrian Park’s water quality.

Preliminary results of the Feasibility Study indicate that baseflow treatment on the west side of the creek and stormwater treatment on the east side of the creek could result in a significant water quality benefit. As a result of the Study’s completion and community feedback, a revised Feasibility Study concept was developed for consideration. Results from the Nutrient Source Tracking Study will be used to further evaluate this concept.

In December 2019, the County met with the Walsingham Horseman’s Association (WHA) and Kiwanis Horses for Handicapped (HforH) to explore the possibility of integrating stormwater management features within the Walsingham Equestrian Park. A Feasibility Study was undertaken for this purpose.

Goals of the Feasibility Study:

  • Maximize water quality benefits to McKay Creek.
  • Reduce Walsingham Horseman’s Association and Horses for Handicapped upkeep costs.
  • Preserve park function and access.
  • Preserve desirable habitat.
  • Preserve the forested back yard aesthetic.
  • Remove exotic species and replace with native/more desirable habitat.
  • Provide habitat enhancement elements (water features).
  • Maintain current land use and utilization.
  • Develop a conceptual plan that balances conservation with enhancements to improve the environment and is beneficial to all stakeholders.