Taleo Requisition Approval Guide

Use these instructions to process a job requisition. Once the requisition has been created in Taleo, the approver will receive an email to log into Taleo, review the job posting, make any needed changes and approve the requisition.

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  1. Open your email from Pinellas County Human Resources.
  2. The subject line should say Requisition Request for Approval. Click the email link. This will take you to Taleo.
  3. In Taleo, click Manager View.
  4. On the home screen under Awaiting My Action – Recruit, click the requisition title in blue.
  5. The requisition will open. Click Edit.
  6. Scroll down to the Job Posting box, and make any edits that are necessary.
  7. Once you’ve made all necessary updates, scroll to the top of the page and click Save.
  8. Click the Questions tab, and validate the questions are correct or take note of any that are missing.
  9. Click the Full View tab, and approve the requisition by clicking Approve/Reject.
  10. On the Approve or Reject Requisition screen in the Comments box, type what was added to the Job Posting box and any questions that need to be added before the job is posted to the career site. Once you’ve completed the comments, click Approve.

The requisition will then route back to the recruiter to make any updates based on the comments and post the requisition.

Also see a printable version of the step-by-step Taleo requisition approval procedure with screenshots.

Screenshot Guide

Reasons to Reject the Requisition

The information in the Requisition Information box is incorrect:

  • Classification Job Code
  • Class Specification
  • Position Code
  • Position Name
  • Pay Grade
  • Division
  • Department
  • Location