Temporary Staffing FAQs

County departments in need of short-term assistance should work with Human Resources to determine the best option to meet their needs. Sometime that means acquiring staffing through the county’s staffing agency, Personnel Solutions Plus (PSP).

Temporary contractors are employed by PSP, not Pinellas County. They do not receive county benefits or pay for holidays and leave time.

The following information is designed to address the most frequently asked questions about temporary staffing through PSP.

Frequently Asked Questions

What staffing agency does Pinellas County use?

Personnel Solutions Plus (PSP)
Address: 7225 West Hillsborough Ave., Tampa, FL 33634
Phone: (813) 890-0670
Website: personnelsolutionsplus.net

Can I contact Personnel Solutions Plus directly to get temporary help?

It depends. For current assignments, hiring managers work directly with Personnel Solutions Plus as needed to obtain replacements. For new requests, hiring managers need to work with Human Resources using the process shown below.

How do I obtain a Personnel Solutions Plus (PSP) contractor?

Follow these steps:

  1. A hiring manager who needs to fill a new assignment submits the labor request form.
  2. Human Resources (HR) reviews the information and makes a recommendation on how to fill the position.
  3. If HR recommends a county employee, volunteer, or intern, then HR will provide the necessary guidance.
  4. If HR recommends using PSP:
    1. Human Resources will forward the labor request form to PSP along with the Equal Employment Opportunity category that determines the PSP fee level.
    2. HR will provide labor market pay guidelines, including a typical entry-level pay rate and a recommended maximum pay rate.
    3. Pay rates requested by PSP that exceed the recommended maximum rate will need approval by the Appointing Authority.
    4. PSP will contact the hiring manager to confirm the pay rate and start date.

What is our relationship with Randstad?

Our contract with Randstad ended on March 31, 2018, so Randstad is no longer a county vendor. Personnel Solutions Plus replaced Randstad as our staffing agency. Many Randstad contractors transitioned to Personnel Solutions Plus.

What information needs to be gathered prior to submitting a labor request form?

  • Reason for request
  • Estimated duration
  • Work performed and most important tasks
  • Minimum education and experience requirements
  • Required licenses or certifications
  • Work attire
  • Required equipment
  • Whether the assignment is sensitive (for example, involving contact with children or vulnerable adults)
  • Whether there is a need to drive a county vehicle
  • Budget fund number, cost center, and program number (if it is a Board of County Commissioners department)
  • Hiring manager contact information

What is Human Resources' role in managing the Personnel Solutions Plus staffing contract?

Human Resources’ role is to ensure that:

  • Contractors are used for their intended purpose.
  • Personnel Solutions Plus is meeting the county’s expectations.
  • Appointing Authorities are paying fair market rates for temporary contractors.

What information will Human Resources (HR) submit to Personnel Solutions Plus (PSP)?

  • HR will forward the labor request form and the Equal Employment Opportunity category that determines the PSP fee level.
  • HR will not provide pay rate information to PSP. As the employer, PSP is responsible for determining the pay rate. The market pay rate data that HR provides to the hiring managers is to assist them in the process, similar to the consultation HR provides for hiring regular Unified Personnel System employees.

How does Human Resources determine the market pay data provided to the hiring manager?

Human Resources reviews the purpose, duties, scope of work, duration and skills of the position and compares it with prevailing market data.

Who determines the specific pay rate?

  1. Personnel Solutions Plus (PSP) is the employer and ultimately establishes the pay rate for its employees.
  2. Human Resources (HR) provides guidance to assist with the process and oversight of the vendor. Specifically, HR provides a typical entry-level pay rate and a recommended maximum pay rate to the hiring manager.
  3. Using this market pay data, the hiring manager works directly with PSP to determine a mutually agreeable rate. For example, if PSP’s rate is higher than the market pay data, then a hiring manager may be able to negotiate a lower rate by reducing the scope of work or skill level required.
  4. If the pay rate requested by PSP is in excess of the recommended maximum, then the hiring manager should contact HR. HR will follow up with PSP and provide a recommendation to the Appointing Authority regarding approval or denial of the proposed pay rate.

Who pays for temporary staffing agency contractors?

Department managers are responsible for paying PSP invoices from their budgets. The amount charged by PSP will be the pay rate negotiated with the hiring manager, plus PSP’s fee. The fee is either 33% or 40% depending on the Equal Employment Opportunity category (see below).

What are Equal Employment Opportunity categories?

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Commission has established broad job categories based on duties, responsibility, tasks and authority level. Human Resources will determine which EEO category fits best and then provide that information to PSP to determine the fee level.

EEO Category PSP Fee
Administrative Support 33%
Professionals 33%
Service and Maintenance Workers 40%
Skilled Craft Workers 40%
Technicians 40%

What information does the hiring manager put on the purchase order?

The purchase order for Personnel Solutions Plus (PSP) should include:

  • Name of the contracted individual
  • Title
  • Duration for the position
  • Billing rate*
  • Attachment of the confirmation email from PSP to the hiring manager

*The billing rate is the temporary employee’s pay rate plus PSP’s fee. For example, if the pay rate for a janitor position is $10 per hour, and PSP’s fee for a service position is 40% (in this case, $4 per hour), then the billing rate to list on the purchase order would be $14 per hour.

For more information, contact Purchasing at (727) 464-3311.

How does a hiring manager close a Personnel Solutions Plus assignment or end an assignment early?

Once a contractor has been assigned, a hiring manager should work with Personnel Solutions Plus directly to change or end an assignment.

What if I have additional questions?

For more information, contact Pinellas County Human Resources at (727) 464-3367 or LaborRequest@pinellascounty.org.