Voluntary Benefits Plans – FAQs

Pinellas County employees have the option to purchase supplemental insurance plans that pay out a lump sum to help with expenses not covered by health insurance. The information below is designed to address the most frequently asked questions about voluntary benefits plans, but you can also review voluntary benefits plan descriptions and premiums.

What are voluntary benefits?

Major medical insurance pays for doctors and hospitals. Voluntary benefits are designed to provide you with cash benefits that you can use to help with daily expenses when you’re sick or hurt. It is cash that you can use as you wish to help you and your family with unexpected expenses.

Do I have to sign up for all three benefits?

No. You can select any or all of the voluntary benefits plans as desired.

Do I have to be enrolled in a Pinellas County health plan to sign up for Aflac?

No. Any county employee can elect to participate in the voluntary benefits plans.

How much does the county contribute to the Aflac premiums?

The County does not contribute. This is a voluntary benefit fully paid by the employees who choose to participate.

What are the copays?

There are no copays. Your only cost is the biweekly premium that comes out of your paycheck. If you experience a health issue or hospitalization that qualifies you to receive benefits, then you receive a lump sum payment from Aflac to help pay your medical bills and other unexpected expenses.

Can I sign up for Aflac benefits as needed? For example, could I sign up for the critical illness plan if I am diagnosed with cancer?

No. Enrollment is limited to once a year in the fall during the annual enrollment period, or during the initial benefit enrollment for new hires. There are opportunities to add a dependent if you have a qualifying event.

What if I already have a condition when I enroll in the critical illness plan?

Our voluntary benefit plans have no preexisting condition exclusions. If you have a condition at the time of your enrollment, then you would still be covered for expenses that occur after your enrollment date.

Why are there age bands and smoker rates on the critical illness plan?

Insurance companies price plans according to risk. As we get older, the risk of certain illnesses increases. In addition, certain conditions are more prevalent in smokers.

Once I have enrolled, do I have to keep the coverage forever?

No. You must keep the coverage for one year after enrolling, but you can change your election during the next annual enrollment period. At that time, you can choose to continue or drop the coverage.

What happens to my voluntary benefits if I leave Pinellas County?

If you leave Pinellas County, you can take your voluntary benefits with you at the group rate you are paying when you leave. Since you will no longer be eligible for paycheck deductions, Aflac will begin billing you directly.

What if I have more questions?

Call Aflac’s Customer Service Center at (800) 433-3036 between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. Identify yourself as a Pinellas County employee when you call.