Wellness Champion Program

A Wellness Champion is an employee who advocates and promotes health and wellness to other employees at their worksite. Our goal is to have a Champion for every Pinellas County department.

Champions coordinate and support wellness activities at individual worksite locations. They promote, advertise and encourage participation in sponsored wellness activities, screenings, campaigns and special events.

Champions attend monthly check-in calls throughout the year and semi-annual meetings. You must have approval from your supervisor to be a Wellness Champion.

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What does a Wellness Champion do?

  • Become familiar with wellness objectives and programs.
  • Support and promote a healthy worksite environment and activities.
  • Participate in periodic meetings and conference calls, including semi-annual Champion meetings and trainings.
  • Distribute wellness communications to coworkers.
  • Coordinate and support wellness activities and events at their worksite.
  • Promote, advertise and encourage participation in sponsored wellness activities, screenings, campaigns and special events.
  • Track and share results of wellness activities and successes.
  • Suggest potential activities based on feedback from coworkers.

What's your role as an employee?

  • Support your Champion by providing feedback and showing appreciation for their work.
  • Participate in the wellness efforts brought to you by your Champion and the Wellness Program.

What support is provided by management?

  • Approve Champion participation in the program.
  • Allow the Champion time at staff meetings for wellness updates and distribution of materials.
  • Provide meeting rooms if available as needed for wellness activities.
  • Allow the Champion to utilize space in a common staff area to post wellness materials.
  • Provide a supportive environment that promotes healthy behaviors.
  • Encourage staff participation and acceptance by supporting and promoting wellness activities, including interdepartmental challenge, worksite stretch or mindfulness breaks, healthy snacks, beverages and meals at department meetings and activities, etc.

Who's the Wellness Champion for my department?

How can I become a Wellness Champion?

  • Contact the Wellness staff by phone at (727) 464-3367, option 1, or by email at wellness@pinellascounty.org.
  • You will need approval from your supervisor to serve as a Champion.