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Did you miss a class? Access video recordings and resources below for previous classes (listed in alphabetical order by topic).

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Back Health Webinar

Wellness Pillars: Physical and Emotional Well-being

Behind the Belly Button Webinars

Wellness Pillars: Physical and Emotional Well-being

  • Digestion and Nutrient Absorption – Session 1 provided a closer look at how digestion works to break down food to usable forms of energy, vitamins and minerals and how they’re absorbed into the body (53-minute video).
  • Gut Health – Session 2 uncovered the mysteries of the gut and identified ways to improve your gut health (50-minute video). 
  • The Microbiome Explained – Session 3 focused on our body’s over 100 trillion microbial cells. When this complex system tips out of balance, we get sick (44-minute video).
  • Epigenetics – Session 4 focused on epigenetics which proves lifestyle choices turn certain genes on and off, giving us the power to prevent poor health and disease, even with a genetic predisposition (39-minute video).
  • All About Hunger – Session 5 examined ways our body and brain experience hunger and strategies to assess whether, when and what to eat (47-minute video).

Boosting Energy Naturally Webinar

Wellness Pillars: Emotional and Social Well-being

  • Boosting Energy Naturally – The webinar, hosted by EAP/Optum, will help you get more pep in your step. You will identify activities to incorporate into your day and learn how nutrition, exercise and stress management impact energy (60-minute video). 

Building Resilience to Manage Stress Webinar Series

Wellness Pillars: Physical and Emotional Well-Being

Clear Space, Clear Mind Webinar

Wellness Pillars: Physical and Emotional Well-being

  • Clear Space, Clear Mind – Explore the connection between clutter and mental well-being and how to create a minimalist lifestyle that gives you energy to focus on your passions (45-minute video). 

Cook Along Kitchen Webinars Series

Wellness Pillars: Physical, Social and Financial Well-being

  • Cooking to Boost Your Immune System – Fight disease with food! Learn to prepare foods that are high in nutrients and contain ingredients that help fortify your immune system. This session included a cooking demo of Honey-Seared Brussels Sprouts (52-minute video). 
  • Dress Up Your Meals – Onsite Nutrition Health Coach Shannon Parks will demonstrate how to dress up your meals with homemade sauces to reinvent household dinners week after week (28-minute video).
  • Eat the Rainbow: Veggie Skewers – With summer veggie season upon us, and June being Pride Month, what better time to “Eat the Rainbow”? Join Onsite Nutrition Health Coach Shannon Parks for a live cooking demo, whipping up a tray of colorful veggie kabobs (28-minute video).
  • Healthy Desserts: Summertime Sorbet – Join us for an easy cooking demo to enjoy your favorite fruits as delectable sorbets that can be enjoyed all summer long (18-minute video).
  • Healthy Meals on a Budget – Watch this hands-on cooking demonstration to gain time-saving tips to prepare delicious, healthy and affordable meals (57-minute video).
  • Heart Healthy Cooking – Watch a black bean soup cooking demonstration and learn about foods and cooking techniques to reduce heart disease risk (55-minute video).
  • Mini Monster Burgers – Register now for a 45-minute demonstration on October 11 at 12:15 p.m. Round up the whole family to make fun burger monsters sure to please everyone this Halloween (20-minute video).
  • Perfect Post-Workout Snacks – The right post-workout snack provides your body the nutrients needed to help repair and rebuild muscles worked during physical activity. Watch our Nutrition Health Coach show you how to make two delicious, no-cook easy snacks to maximize exercise benefits (17-minute video).
  • Quick Weeknight Meals – Cooking healthy meals can be quick, fun and creative. This session featured tips on working faster in the kitchen and a cooking demo of Thai Peanut Stir Fry (52-minute video).
  • Use Your Hands to Measure Portions – Portion control is key to healthy weight. Learn to use your hands as measurement tools so you can measure a portion no matter where you go. Also watch a cooking demo of restaurant style bowls (49-minute video).
  • Winning Weeknight Meals – This cooking demo provides tips to effectively plan and prepare weeknight meals, making healthy eating a breeze all week long (37-minute video).

Cooking from the Roots

Wellness Pillars: Physical and Financial Well-being

Explore the benefits of a Whole Food Plant-Based lifestyle with Michelle and Bruce Odiorne. Learn how to make healthy foods including Instant Pot lasagna, black bean brownies, power bowls, non-dairy cheese, gluten-free pizza and Mexican quinoa.

Dementia Awareness Webinar

Wellness Pillars: Physical, Emotional and Social Well-being

  • Dementia Awareness – Human Services’ Jane Muhrlin, who serves on the Dementia Care & Cure Initiative Task Force, and Celisa Boner, Madonna Ptak Center for Alzheimer’s Research & Memory Disorders Clinic, share information about dementia and provide caregiver resources (49-minute video). 

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Overview Webinar

Wellness Pillars: Emotional Well-being

  • EAP Overview Orientation  Learn to navigate the new Cigna Employee Assistance Program and its benefits. An EAP counselor will discuss the assistance available to help with a wide range of work/life concerns (49-minute video).
  • Also see the Employee Assistance Program.

Family Life: The Juggling Act Webinar

Wellness Pillars: Physical, Emotional and Social Well-being

Financial Football Webinar Series

  • Pre-Season Prep: Your Financial Game Plan – Get physically and mentally prepared to win on the field. Learn how to organize your finances, then lay out game changing financial habits and steps to get you on track for a winning season (29-minute video). 
  • First Quarter: Get Your Head in the Game – Identify your life purpose and align your vision and values with your money goals. Explore the winner mindset, define your success and roadblocks, set some goals, and rewrite your current playbook to overcome your opponent (28-minute video). 
  • Third Quarter: Debt & Credit Part 1 – Get your debt into shape. Paying for the past derails present and future financial plans. Even small purchases can keep us living in debt. Learn how to pay down debt strategically, and how to reverse the damage (42-minute video).
  • Fourth Quarter: Debt & Credit Part 2 – Learn about credit scores, what they mean, how debt impacts them, and what sound financial steps we can take to improve our score (30-minute video).
  • Post-Game Debrief: The Long Game Mindset – What does a millionaire look like and what do they do for a living? The answers to these questions might surprise you! Uncover the secrets that everyday people apply to achieve millionaire status and financial stability (31-minute video).

Financial Well-Being Webinar Series

Wellness Pillars: Physical, Emotional, Social and Financial Well-being

  • Budgeting – Your Prosperity Plan – Walk through details on how to set up and trim YOUR budget. Explore the psychology behind budgeting and why it’s a critical step to set up a strong foundation for your finances (38-minute video).
  • Empowered and Intentional Finances – Develop an intentional spending and saving plan with winning money behaviors including doing a budget (36-minute video).
  • Financially Fit Kids – Learn how to live and teach financial values to your kids so they, too, can be fiscally fit for life (42-minute video). 
  • Financial Wellness for the Young Adult – Help young adults start their financial journey on the right foot (52-minute video).
  • Frugal, But Fun: Making the Most of Your Money – Take an in depth look at how attitudes and behavior patterns influence spending and explore easy and enjoyable ways to save money (32-minute video).
  • Home Buying Success – Put yourself in a good position to buy a home with confidence by planning ahead and knowing what you can afford (45-minute video).
  • Live Like a Real Millionaire – Register now for a one-hour lunchtime webinar on February 10. Everyday people, like YOU, could reach a net worth of 1 million plus! How? Come learn about the consistent decisions you can make now to reach that goal one day (38-minute video). 
  • Paying Down Debt & Improving Credit Score – Find out how to improve your credit scores, pay down debt, and stay out of debt (41-minute video).
  • Preparing for Retirement – Learn how to prepare for retirement today so that tomorrow is the life you want (35-minute video). 
  • Psychology of Money – Challenge your attitude around money by taking a deep dive into your mindset, behaviors and relationships that affect your ability to thrive financially (34-minute video
  • The College Plan – Learn to develop a college payment plan which sets realistic expectations and clear communication (36-minute video).
  • Pollinator GardeningWatch this fun webinar with Master Gardener Theresa Badurek to learn how to establish a pollinator garden (48-minute video).
  • Get Ready for Fall Planting – Vegetable gardening is fun and a great stress-reliever and money saver. Master Gardener Theresa Badurek provides valuable tips for Florida gardening (60-minute video).

Fitness Routine Webinar

Wellness Pillars: Physical Well-being

  • Start a Sustainable Fitness Routine – Learn in detail the proper steps and considerations needed to successfully add a fitness routine into your life for the long haul (56-minute video).

Garden for Life Webinars

Wellness Pillars: Physical and Emotional Well-being

  • Easy Yard Maintenance for the Smart Gardener – Gardening is fun and easy when you know the right plants to plant, how to use fertilizer and mulch correctly, proper pruning techniques and the right timing of these gardening activities (52-minute video).
  • Get Ready for Fall Planting – Fall is excellent for gardening in Florida, and summer is a great time to prepare. Join Extension’s Theresa Badurek, Urban Horticulturist, to get ready for fall planting (58-minute video).
  • Growing Vegetables in Containers – Want to grow your own food but don’t exactly live on a farm? Join Theresa Badurek, Urban Horticulture Extension Agent, to learn what kind of veggies to grow in small spaces and what to grow them in (54-minute video).
  • Health Benefits of Therapy Gardens – Take a moment for yourself and learn how you can find your peace of mind through therapy gardens (35-minute video).
  • Introduction to Florida-Friendly Landscaping – Learn how to create and maintain healthy and attractive landscapes and at the same time protect our precious water resources (59-minute video).
  • Pollinator Gardening – Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ Educator Melissa West will share tips to establish a pollinator garden. These gardens are not only beautiful, but 75% of all food crops in the U.S. depend on pollinator animals such as insects, birds and others.

Grocery Store Virtual Tour

Wellness Pillars: Physical and Financial Well-Being

  • Grocery Store Tour – Join onsite Nutrition Coach Shannon Parks for a virtual grocery store tour. You’ll get the scoop on how to navigate the grocery store and the products within it (29-minute video).

Heart Health Webinar

Wellness Pillars: Physical Well-being

  • Heart Health: Don’t be a Statistic – Heart disease is the leading cause of death and it’s largely preventable. Get a weekly action plan to help you find a healthy habit groove (52-minute video).

Joyful Movement Webinar

Wellness Pillars: Physical and Emotional Well-being

  • Joyful Movement – When you hear the word ‘exercise’, do you run for cover? Gain a fresh perspective on physical activity, ditch the rigid structure many believe exercise to be and find joy in moving (40-minute video).

Men’s Health Webinar Series

Wellness Pillars: Physical and Emotional Well-being

  • Men: Take Charge of Your Health – Join Dr. Corey Steinberg from BayCare for an informative session about men’s health, including screening recommendations and tips for healthy living (37-minute video).

Pain Webinars

Wellness Pillars: Physical and Emotional Well-being

  • Pain: When it Impacts Your Life – Dealing with chronic pain can take a serious emotional and mental toll. Presented by EAP Onsite Counselor Lorelei Keif, you will learn pain management options, relaxation techniques, coping strategies and alternative approaches (56-minute video).
  • Pain-Free Movement – Wellness Technician Nicki highlights the common causes of pain during and after exercises and how to minimize and avoid unnecessary discomfort to get your wellness routine back on track (51-minute video).

Power of Authenticity Webinar

Wellness Pillars: Physical and Emotional Well-being

  • Power of Authenticity – This webinar is presented by Employee Assistance Program counselor Cecelia Kellin, LPC. When our true self does not align with our outward self, we may experience stress, anxiety or depression, which puts us at a higher risk for other health conditions (58-minute video).

Power Pairing Food Webinar

Wellness Pillars: Physical and Social Well-being

  • Power Pairing Food “Better Together” – We know to eat our fruits and veggies, but you may be missing out on the powerful benefits these foods pack. Did you know that eating certain foods together can boost their benefits, while some combinations may actually prevent nutrients from being absorbed into the body? Learn how to pair food to make the most of your mealtime (35-minute video).

Sleep Webinars

Wellness Pillars: Physical and Emotional Well-being

Stress Eating Webinar

Wellness Pillars: Physical and Emotional Well-being

  • Set Yourself Free from Stress Eating – Food can be a source of comfort when we’re experiencing a range of emotions from boredom, to overwhelm, to stress. Join our Cigna Onsite Nutrition Health Coach Shannon Parks to generate success-building tools to manage stress eating (58-minute video).

Stress Management Webinar

Wellness Pillars: Physical and Emotional Well-being

Women’s Wellness Tips Webinar

Wellness Pillars: Emotional and Financial Well-Being

  • Wellness Tips for Women – Review core ways to create a basic blueprint for better health – mind, body, and spirit. Explore the impact of stress and learn how friendships, fun, and purpose can help you to be healthier (54-minute video).

Yoga for Digestion

Wellness Pillars: Physical and Emotional Well-being

  • Yoga for Digestion – Follow Wellness Technician Nicki Lanauze in this on-demand 30-minute yoga class which focuses on digestion-supportive poses. The gentle moves are suited to all levels. Lengthening, strengthening, twisting, and compression help stimulate digestion and massage your internal organs, leading to a healthy and happy gut (33-minute video).

Wellness Learning Series


  • 30-Day Tune-Up: Change a Habit, Change Your Health
    Wellness Pillars: Physical, Emotional and Financial Well-being
    This series taught mini-habit strategies to improve eating habits and overall well-being using principles of the DASH diet (Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension). Access the workbook at creating healthy habits resources.
  • The Power of Sleep: Your A to ZZZz Guide to Good Health
    Wellness Pillars: Physical and Emotional Well-being
    This series provided information on types of sleep, sleep cycles, connection between sleep and disease, strategies and tools to improve sleep, sleep disorders and treatment options. Watch the videos and access links to sleep resources.


  • The Stress-Proof Brain
    Wellness Pillars: Physical, Emotional, Social and Financial Well-being
    This series, based on a book by Dr. Melanie Greenberg, provided insights on the brain’s physiological response to stress plus practical stress-buster techniques. Watch the videos and access links to stress-reduction resources.
  • Back to Basics 2.0
    Wellness Pillars: Physical and Emotional Well-being
    This series provided fundamentals on developing and maintaining a healthy back. Watch the videos and access links to healthy back resources.