2019 State Legislative Program

Guiding Principles

  1. Maintain the integrity of home rule power which allows the development and implementation of community-based solutions to local problems, without state limitations.
  2. Oppose unfunded mandates that impact local government’s ability to control its budget.
  3. Support adequate state funding for constitutional officers required to perform duties on behalf of the state.
  4. Support funds from the Sadowski Affordable Housing Trust Fund be used exclusively for housing.
  5. Support a dedicated recurring source of funding for beach nourishment.
  6. Support the development of a Statewide Climate Resiliency Plan.
  7. Oppose any and all oil drilling or exploration efforts in state waters.
  8. Support priorities of our partner organizations and agencies when aligned with the Board’s priorities.
  9. Support state funding for the Arts and cultural institutions.


Regional Transportation

Support regional transportation coordination and funding, specifically related to FDOT District 7.

Support the legislative priorities of Forward Pinellas, PSTA and TBARTA when not in conflict with the Board’s.

Community Redevelopment Areas

Oppose efforts that preempt local governments from controlling or managing Community Redevelopment Areas as local economic development tools.

Mental Health

Support increased funding for Central Receiving Facilities.

Support increased funding for Marchman beds.


Support language that brings greater clarity to self-defense laws, including Stand Your Ground and Justifiable Use of Force.

Pinellas County Construction Licensing Board

File legislation that removes the requirement of the governmental building official appointees to reside in Pinellas County.


Lofty Pines Septic to Sewer and Stormwater
Retrofit $3,100,000

Lofty Pines is within unincorporated Pinellas County and borders the City of Dunedin. The community is part of Group 2, Census Tract 269.10 and categorized low/moderate income. Currently all 120 homes are on septic and there is no formal stormwater management system within the neighborhood. The age and condition of the septic are problematic and sewage discharges are contributing to public health concerns and bacteria violations in Jerry Branch, which is part of the Curlew Creek Watershed. The proposed project includes the construction of a sewer collection system that will tie into the City of Dunedin’s wastewater service area, closure of the septic tanks, and reuse expansion and stormwater retrofits to improve both flood control and water quality treatment prior to discharge into waters of the state. $1,559,000 in local funds, including RESTORE funds, and SWFWMD cooperative funding match of $839,000, have been dedicated to the project.

Highpoint Community Recreation Facilities

Construction of youth sports facilities to include baseball and multi-purpose fields, basketball courts, and playgrounds to serve low income community which currently has limited access to community recreation facilities. The total cost of the project is $2,000,000. Pinellas County has allocated $200,000 in the CIP budget to begin design and engineering.

Utilities Vocational Workforce Pilot Program

Pilot program in cooperation with Pinellas Technical College, local Public Works, and Public Utilities, that educates students to obtain State of Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) certification as water/wastewater treatment plant operators, distribution system operators, and collection system certification. Provides a pathway to prepare High School Career Academy and non-college bound high school students to enter into and advance in good jobs in the high growth and emerging occupations of drinking water and wastewater treatment.

East Lake Library Expansion Phase 1B

Phase 1B of library renovation would include additional open areas, additional seating, restroom renovations, replacement of carpeting and lighting, upgrades to existing computer area, and reconfiguration to conform to ADA requirements, expansion of parking lot.

Redingtons Joint Use Public Safety Facility

Multi-Government partnership to build a multi-use facility that will house Emergency Medical Services, Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office, Public Works offices and equipment storage, voting precinct and more. This facility will meet the public safety needs of residents and visitors alike, and is a model for future partnerships.

Gulf Boulevard Undergrounding

In an effort to plan for the future and increase coastal resiliency, this project would complete the undergrounding of utilities along Gulf Boulevard throughout all the barrier island communities, from Clearwater to St. Pete Beach. After Hurricane Irma, residents lost power for up to nine days. By undergrounding utilities along the barrier islands, the risk of power loss during a storm decreases. By completing this as one project, we anticipate reducing inefficiencies, and introduce cost savings through economies of scale.

For more information, please contact Brian Lowack, Pinellas County Intergovernmental Liaison (727) 464-5758, Blowack@pinellas.gov