Request 9-1-1 Call Notes and/or Recordings

A Public Policy of Open Government:
The Florida Constitution and Florida Statutes §119 and §286 safeguard every Floridian’s right of access to government meetings and public records. In Florida, disclosure is the standard, unless the Legislature allows an exemption or the records are otherwise confidential. Every citizen has the right to obtain public records that are not exempted or confidential. Citizens and the media can easily request public records from Pinellas County government. The requester is responsible for any cost of providing the documentation, which includes staff time, cost of copies and other costs that are associated with the request.


9-1-1 call public records requests can be made by phone, email, fax or in person. While the following form is helpful when submitting a public records request for a 9-1-1 call, it is not mandatory. If there is patient protected health information discussed during an incident, a HIPAA release form may be required.

Visit the 9-1-1 Call Notes and/or Recordings page or call (727) 464-3835 for more information.