Help decrease flooding, improve water quality and create habitat for wildlife in your area by participating in Pinellas County’s Adopt-A-Pond program.

When you participate in the program, you’ll work together with other participants to design and implement a five-year plan to improve your local stormwater ponds.

Stormwater ponds collect runoff before it enters our storm sewer system, which flows directly into creeks, lakes, and ultimately Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico.

Activities may include:

  • Removing invasive plants.
  • Planting native plants.
  • Hosting cleanup events.
  • Conducting neighborhood outreach and education.

These activities can help improve water quality, restore habitats, improve drainage, protect against flooding and increase environmental stewardship in your community.

How do I join the Adopt-A-Pond program?

The Adopt-A-Pond program partners with residents of unincorporated Pinellas County. For more information, email or call (727) 464-4425.

Funding for the Adopt-A-Pond program comes from Pinellas County’s Surface Water Assessment.