Special Magistrates

Current Appointed Special Magistrates

MagistrateContract BeginningContract End*
Lisa Moore, Esq. (alternate)April 2018April 2024
Jeffrey Fuller, Esq.April 2018April 2024
James MathieuApril 2018April 2024
*Initial contracts extended June 2021

Who Can Serve as a Special Magistrate?

Special Magistrates are attorneys licensed in the state of Florida who conduct code enforcement hearings for Pinellas County.

To serve as Special Magistrates, these attorneys must:

  • Be a current member in good standing of the Florida Bar Association.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of administrative laws, land use laws, and local government regulations and procedures.
  • Have graduated from a law school accredited by the America Bar Association.
  • Possess any other qualification established by the Board of County Commissioners.

They also cannot be an elected or appointed official, or an employee of Pinellas County, the state of Florida, or any taxing jurisdiction of the state.

The Board and the County Administrator will give preference to applicants who have prior experience in a judiciary capacity or as a hearing officer, mediator, or magistrate. No attorney who has been disciplined by the Florida Bar Association or any other bar association can be appointed as a Special Magistrate. If we do not receive enough applications from qualified members of the Florida Bar, the Board and the County Administrator may consider attorneys who are not members.

Special Magistrates are appointed by the Pinellas County Board of County Commissioners for terms of up to three years. They may be reappointed or removed at the discretion of the County Administrator upon 10 days’ written notice.

If any Special Magistrate resigns or is removed prior to the expiration of their term, or is not reappointed, the County Administrator will fill the vacancy within 30 days.

The compensation for Special Magistrates is determined when the Board appoints them. Candidates should submit an hourly fee proposal when applying.

Apply to be a Special Magistrate

To obtain an application, please email pinellasmagistrate@pinellas.gov.