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Pinellas County Government operates transparently to serve the residents of Pinellas County. Our residents and the media have the right to to see, read and copy any records we receive during the course of business unless the law says that information is private unless state law provides an exemption.

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Employees’ Advisory Council Delegate Meeting 9/28/23

Agenda for the September 28, 2023, meeting of the Employees' Advisory Council Delegates...


BCC adopts final millage rates and budgets for FY24

The Pinellas County Board of County Commissioners on Tuesday adopted resolutions approving the property tax rates and budgets for Fiscal Year 2024,......


Charter Review Commission Operating Rules 2023-2024

Operating rules for the 2023-2024 Pinellas County Charter Review Commission, including vote requirements, speaker and public comment requirements, virtual attendance and more....


Employees’ Advisory Council Representative Meeting 9/21/23

Agenda for the September 21, 2023, meeting of the Employees' Advisory Council Representatives...


Unified Personnel Board/Appointing Authorities Workshop 9/20/23

Agenda for the September 20, 2023, Unified Personnel Board/Appointing Authorities Workshop...


Unified Personnel Board Minutes for 8/3/23

Minutes for the August 3, 2023, meeting of the Unified Personnel Board ...


Housing Finance Authority FY22/23 Operating Budget

Operating budget for the Pinellas County Housing Finance Authority for fiscal year 2022-2023, including general fund, approved housing trust and land assembly funds....


Housing Finance Authority Budgets and Audit Reports

Previous Years FY 22/23 FY 21/22 FY 20/21 FY 19/20 FY23/24 Approved General Fund Operating Budget FY23/24 Approved Housing Trust Fund FY23/24......


Unified Personnel Board Meeting 9/7/23

Agenda for the September 7, 2023, meeting of the Unified Personnel Board...