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Post-Storm Information for Hurricane Idalia

For Hurricane Idalia recovery information and post-storm resources, visit

Pinellas County Projects

Pinellas County is always working on projects to preserve and improve infrastructure, support our economy and meet the needs of the public. Take a look at our major projects.

Image of hurricane with text: Discovering Pinellas: Hurricane Myths vs. Facts and "Will Tampa Bay be hit by a hurricane?"

Hurricane Myths vs. Fact

TV Meteorologist Denis Phillips is joined by Pinellas Emergency Management Director Cathie Perkins and a local historian to investigate the myth that Tampa Bay has a special protection from hurricanes and share how you can prepare for storm season.

Boards, Councils, & Committees

Learn more about Pinellas County’s Commission-appointed boards, councils and committees and the service opportunities available through them.

Special Districts

Find information on these local government units created for specialized purposes and services.

Where Does It Go? Search Tool

Find local resources for reuse, recycling and disposal.

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Upcoming Events

MMU Mobile Medical Unit Truck
September 26, 2023, 8:30 am

Mobile Medical Unit – SVDP Center of Hope

The mobile unit is a medical office on wheels. It has provided basic care for more than 20 years. Pinellas County homeless...