Request Lien Searches

When a property owner owes a debt for a code compliance issue, they may have a lien placed on the property. Either the property owner or a buyer needs to pay the debt before the lien is removed. You can search county records to determine if a property has a lien on it.

Visit the Pinellas County Access Portal to request a lien search:

  1. Follow the link below. You will need to create an Access Portal account if you haven’t already and be logged in to follow these steps.
  2. Click on Enter a Complaint or Request a Lien Search in the submenu under Code Enforcement.
  3. Accept the terms and click Continue.
  4. Click on Code Enforcement under the search bar to access the dropdown menu. Then select Lien/Violation Search and click next.
  5. Follow the instructions to submit your request.

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