Garbage & Recycling

Pinellas County is a leader in reducing landfill waste through its Waste-to-Energy Facility and recycling program. Our primary vision, as explained in the 2020 Solid Waste Master Plan, is to achieve zero waste to landfill by 2050.

Baskets for Beaches

The Baskets for Beaches program enables you to make a difference by collecting trash as you walk the beach. Grab a basket…

Asbestos Program

The asbestos program investigates complaints, cooperates with state and local agencies for asbestos project notification, and inspects demolition and renovation projects to…

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Department of Solid Waste Achieves Accreditation

The Department of Solid Waste (DSW) received accreditation from the American Public Works Association (APWA) for its commitment to continuous improvement of......


Pinellas Partners in Recycling – Contamination Work Group Charter

Purpose Work Groups are established to support and advance the objectives of Pinellas Partners in Recycling (PPR) in accordance with its Policies......


2023 Recycle Guide now available

The new and updated 2023 Recycle Guide is now available at schools, libraries throughout Pinellas County and online. The guide provides readers......


Pinellas Partners in Recycling – Guidance for Developing Recycling Collection, Processing & Commodity Marketing Contracts

Overview: This document is a product of the Pinellas Partners in Recycling’s Contract Work Group. The Work Group consists of public and......


How to recycle right this holiday season

Between Thanksgiving week and New Year’s Day, people generate 25 percent more waste than they do on average. But there’s good news.......


Pinellas Partners in Recycling – Meeting Minutes for 5/18/22

Pinellas Partners in Recycling minutes from meeting held on May 18, 2022. ...


Pinellas Partners in Recycling Meeting Minutes for 7/20/22

Pinellas Partners in Recycling minutes from July 20, 2022 meeting. ...


Pinellas Partners in Recycling – Meeting Minutes for 9/21/22

Meeting notes from the Pinellas Partners in Recycling meeting held on September 21, 2022. ...


Pinellas Partners in Recycling – Contract Work Group Charter

Contract Work Group charter listing the group's purpose, background, resources and member information. ...


Countywide Program Recyclables: Standardized List

Standardized list of program recyclables for Pinellas County. ...