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Pinellas County employees deliver first class service and make a difference in our community through dedicated work, volunteering and mentoring.

A Friend in Need Program

A Friend in Need (AFIN) is a voluntary program that allows an employee to help fellow employees in time of need by…

Suggestion Awards Program

The program awards cash to employees with “bright ideas” that improve productivity, efficiency, quality and/or cost-effectiveness.

Wellness Incentive Program

The program offers employees and their spouses/partners the opportunity to participate in activities that improve wellbeing and earn rewards.

Wellness Program

Our program is designed to create a culture of well-being for employees and their families including physical, emotional, social and financial well-being.

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Employees’ Advisory Council Delegate Meeting 3/23/23

Agenda for the March 23, 2023, meeting of the Employees' Advisory Council Delegates...


HSA Contributions OPUS Screenshots Guide

View step-by-step instructions to start, change, or stop your Health Savings Account (HSA) contribution in OPUS....


Unified Personnel Board Minutes for 2/2/23

Minutes for the February 2, 2023, meeting of the Unified Personnel Board...


Employees’ Advisory Council Representative Meeting 3/15/23

Agenda for the March 15, 2023, meeting of the Employees' Advisory Council Representatives ...


Unified Personnel Board & Appointing Authorities Workshop 3/22/23

Agenda for the March 22, 2023, meeting of the Unified Personnel Board and Appointing Authorities...


Public Service Loan Forgiveness

HR will complete your Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program form, upon request, to verify you have at least 10 years of employment....


To Your Health Newsletter March 2023

To Your Health, the Pinellas County Wellness Program employee newsletter, March 2023 edition...


Total Compensation

We are proud of the total compensation package provided to employees of the Unified Personnel System. ...


OPUS Screenshots Guide for an Employment Verification Release

Get step-by-step instructions to send an employment verification email from OPUS....


Employment Verification

Employment verification is confirmation that an employee (or former employee) worked for Pinellas County Government....