Request a Site Plan Pre-Application Meeting

Use the Access Portal to request a site plan pre-application meeting with Pinellas County. This meeting will help guide you through the new development or redevelopment project application and permitting process.

Request a Site Plan Pre-Application Meeting 

     For all Type 1 – Path B (LDC Section 138-176) site plan applications, pre-application meetings serve a vital function in the development review process. This meeting provides an initial discussion between the applicant and County staff regarding the development review process and submittal requirements for a proposed development or project. The pre-application will be reviewed by the DRC Technical Review Staff prior to the DRC meeting. Technical comments will be provided to the applicant in advance of the meeting.  During the pre-application meeting, the applicant and staff will go through the submittal checklist and determine which items are applicable based on the type of project. The applicant shall keep a copy of that list and submit it with the application package. Note that submission of all of the materials identified at the pre-application meeting with an application does not waive the right of the County to request additional information, as the need for additional information will be determined as a result of the completeness review. 

     Review comments made by staff at a pre-application meeting are made solely for preliminary informational purposes and shall not be construed as an approval, denial, or agreement to approve or deny any development order. Failure of staff to identify any required permits or procedures at a pre-application conference shall not relieve the applicant of any such requirements nor constitute waiver of the requirement by the decision-making body. 

     Site Plan Pre-Application Meetings are scheduled on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month, as scheduling allows and will be held in person and via the Microsoft Teams meeting software. 

Site Plan Pre-Application Meeting Checklist: 

  1. Survey, drawn to scale. 
  2. Concept plan, drawn to scale showing all existing and proposed structures, use of each and dimensions, spacing between structures, setbacks from all property lines, property dimensions, abutting streets and other public easements, clearly delineated off-street parking spaces and drive aisles, and a site data table (zoning, FAR, ISR, building size, impervious coverage, etc.) 
  3. A Narrative explaining the request. Please identify any specific questions you would like to have answered at the meeting or special site conditions, etc. that might be relevant to this review. 
  4. Any additional information that is pertinent to the site (i.e., floodplain impacts, stormwater, proposed utilities, wetlands, etc.) 
  5. Please include all contacts that you want to be notified as part of this application (property owner, engineer, architect, etc.) 
  6. Application Fee of $350.00 (credited towards site plan submittal) – invoiced after submittal. 

Site Plan Pre-Application meeting requests should be submitted through the Pinellas County Access Portal. 

Click the link below, then follow these steps: 

  1. Read and accept terms on the page. 
  2. Open the dropdown menu and select Development Review Meeting. 
  3. Complete the application. 

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