Water & Sewer

Pinellas County provides drinking water and reclaimed water service, as well as wastewater treatment and sewer maintenance, primarily in unincorporated areas of the County.

Highland Lakes Area Force Main Air Release Valve Replacement Project

The Highland Lakes Area Force Main Air Release Valve Replacement Project converted seven underground air release valves (ARV) into above-ground ARV enclosures…

Old Palm Harbor / Alt US19 Water Main Project

Project Overview Pinellas County Utilities is replacing approximately 15 blocks of residential water mains in the Old Palm Harbor neighborhood. The area…

Redundant Force Main Construction Project – Pump Station 16 to Cross Bayou Water Reclamation Facility

Project Location The Redundant Force Main Project route goes along Park Boulevard from Pump Station 16 to 84th Lane, where it turns…

South Cross Bayou Advanced Water Reclamation Facility

New Headworks and Grit Removal Facility Design-Build Project Project Location The South Cross Bayou Advanced Water Reclamation Facility – New Headworks and…

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Pinellas County Utilities offers private sewer lateral rebates

Pinellas County Utilities sewer customers can help eliminate sanitary sewer overflows that damage our bay and beaches by inspecting their private sewer pipes and addressing any issues that may be contributing to the problem....


Utilities Fees

Pinellas County Utilities collects fees for services and materials related to work performed for customers. The following links provide information on fees......


Utilities Water System: User Fees

User fees are adopted from October 2022 through September 2023. To view other system fees, select the appropriate link below. Wastewater (Sewer)......


Pinellas County Utilities offers rebates to homeowners for sewer pipe inspections and replacements

Pinellas County Utilities today announced that eligible sewer customers who own single-family home properties and follow program guidelines can apply for rebates......


Utilities Contractor Resources

Technical Documentation and Requirements Roadway and Related Construction Details Technical Specifications for Utilities and Related Construction Material Specification Manual for Contractors Pump......


Accepted Private Sewer Lateral Lining

Section P3002 of the 2020 Florida Building Code Residential 7th edition (the Code) specifies allowable materials and pertinent specifications for building sewers.......


2021 Consumer Confidence Report on Water Quality

Drinking water quality confidence report 2021...