Applicant Guide to Electronic Site Plan Submittal

Important Notice

Our permitting and inspection services have moved to the Pinellas County Access Portal.

The Pinellas County Access Portal is available for several types of site development activities and applications. Development Review Services still requires hard copies of all applications.

The following record types are available without creating an account:

  • Drainage Complaint
  • Habitat Complaint
  • Tree Removal/Habitat Permit

Please register for an account to apply for any of the following additional record types:

  • Appeal
  • Development Review Meeting
  • Site Plan Submittal
  • Petition to Vacate
  • Petition to Vacate Pre-Application Meeting
  • Right of Way
  • Zoning Certification Letter
  • Zoning Clearance

Please contact Development Review Services at (727) 464-3888 with any questions.