Docks / Dredge & Fill

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For status updates on your permit application, please email and include the permit number and address.

New! Dock/Dredge and Fill Permitting Environmental Resource Zone Look-Up Tool

This tool is designed to help you determine if a specific property falls within a coastal environmental resource zone. Coastal environmental resource zones are areas where seagrass and/or mangroves have been found nearby based on Pinellas County’s most recent available data.

Docks and “dredge and fill” projects require permits through Pinellas County’s Water and Navigation section. This includes projects in the cities and unincorporated areas.

The types of projects that require permits from Water and Navigation include:

  • Private single-family docks.
  • Multi-use docks.
  • Commercial docks.
  • Marinas.
  • Seawalls.
  • Riprap.
  • Tie poles.
  • All dredging or filling within the waters of Pinellas County.

Projects are reviewed for environmental impacts, navigational impacts and construction requirements, as well as consistency with the Pinellas County Water and Navigation Code.

Apply for a Water and Navigation Permit

Apply online through the Pinellas County Access Portal. (To request the most current copy of our paper application, call (727) 453-3385 or email

NOTE: Credit cards require a convenience fee of 2.25%. Paying by check incurs a convenience fee of $1.50. American Express and Discover cards are now accepted.

Looking for a previously submitted permit? View the step-by-step guide to finding a previous permit in the Pinellas County Access Portal.

Disposal Procedure for Dock Pilings

For proper disposal of dock pilings, telephone poles and railroad ties, follow these guidelines:

  • CCA-treated lumber must be disposed of in a permitted landfill. It cannot be thrown out with household trash.
  • An appointment is required for disposal. To schedule a disposal appointment, call (727) 464-7500.
  • A minimum of 48-hour notice is required to arrange for drop-off to appropriate facility.
  • Loads not meeting the following disposal criteria will be rejected:
    • Must be cut to 4-foot or less in length
    • Must be in a load by themselves, with no other trash mixed in
    • Must be free of electrical wires, metal attachments and decking
  • In addition to the disposal fee, there is a $110 Special Handling Service Fee per load.

For questions regarding disposal only, contact Janie Armstrong at