FY 2020 Animal Welfare Trust Fund Annual Report

Gifts for Animal Welfare Trust Fund

Trust Fund Overview

The Gifts for Animals Trust Fund was established for the receipt of gifts, grants and awards of money from either public or private donors to be placed in a trust and appropriated for the exclusive use, welfare and benefit of domestic animals within Pinellas County. The Trust Fund makes it possible to care for a larger number of animals and provides special needs such as:

  • Mini-grants to promote Responsible Pet Ownership
  • Comfortable kennels
  • Improved ventilation and quarantine/isolation facilities
  • Medicine
  • Special dietary food
  • Toys to prevent boredom
  • Special medical procedures

Short/Long-Term Goals:

  1. Fund special projects for shelter animals (i.e., playyard improvements, Kuranda beds, etc.)
  2. Fund special surgeries and lab work with external veterinary facilities for shelter animals in need of procedures we are unable to perform with County resources.

FY20 Trust Fund Highlights:

  1. Provided dog houses for at risk families for the safety and well-being of animals.
  2. Funded community grant initiatives to several 501(c)(3) organizations in Pinellas County for projects that directly benefit the animals of our county.

Trust Fund Account Details – Fund F1011

RESOURCES (Fund Balance & Revenue)

DescriptionFY20Line Item Description
Beginning Fund Balance652,013.49
Interest Earnings (3611210-3611800)11,397.40Other Revenues – Interest Earnings
Other Misc. Revenue (369991)53,651.34Contributions – Donations from pet stores and private citizens


DescriptionFY20Line Item Description
Salaries & Benefits57,527.60One FTE maintained FY17 – duties include
collecting donations from pet stores;
transporting animals to pet stores for
adoptions; pet store liaison; supporting
adoption events
Other Contractual Svs0.00Temporary staff to support shelter
Other Current Charges & Obligations0.00
Risk Financing590.04
Operating Supplies1,338.62Supplies for shelter (i.e. pet gates, feline
towers, shelter toys for animals, dog slip
leads, dog beds)
Operating Supplies – Medical0.00Specialty pharmacy drugs and medical
Operating Supplies – Food0.00Specialty dietary foods for medical
Capital Outlay0.00Cat towers, commercial washer/dryer, and
one Ford pickup truck
Grants & Aids7,316.00Community Grants provided to 501(c)(3)
organizations for preventative care,
sterilization, and TNVR services