FY21 Adopted Annual Operating and Capital Budget

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October 1, 2020 – September 30, 2021

  • County Administrator’s Budget Message
    • Letter to the BCC
    • Overview of FY21 Budget
    • Fund Forecast Update
    • Changes to Key Forecast Assumptions
      • General Fund
      • Tourist Development Tax Fund
      • Transportation Trust Fund
      • Capital Projects Fund
      • Emergency Medical Service Fund
      • Airport Fund
      • Water Funds
      • Sewer Funds
      • Solid Waste Funds
      • Surface Water Fund
  • FY21 Budget Summary – This document contains a series of charts and tables that present the budget in an aggregated fashion together with various economic and population trend data for Pinellas County.
  • FY21 Annual Operating and Capital Budget – This is the detail budget by program (expenditure) and account (revenue) for the County.
  • Appendix – This section includes the Glossary, Budget Policies, Basis of Accounting for Financial Statements and Budget, Overview of the Budget Process, Budgetary Control and Budget Calendar, Summary of User Fee Changes and Detailed User Fee Schedule, Countywide Grants Report, Forward Pinellas Budget, and Location Map.

  • FY21 Budget Presentations – Links to presentations to the Board of County Commissioners throughout the budget process. Includes PowerPoint presentations and streaming video of meetings.