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All in-person facility tours, speaker requests and events have been suspended until further notice. Virtual tours of the South Cross Bayou facility, virtual speaker presentations and virtual event participation may be available. Contact the education program at (727) 464-5871 or by email at for more information.

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The mission of the SCB education program is to educate students about Pinellas County’s water resources. The program emphasizes resource recovery, environmental stewardship and career opportunities. We accomplish this through facility tours (grades 6+), classroom presentations (K-12) and STEM-related events for K-12 students, post-secondary institutions and other education-related agencies.

Contact the South Cross Bayou Education Program
(727) 464-5871
Monday – Friday
8 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Virtual Tours

Virtual tours of our wastewater treatment plants are available. To obtain our virtual tour in these alternative formats, please email us at:

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Student Pre-visit Activities

SCB Tour Standards-by-Station

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South Cross Water Reclamation Facility teaches PCS students about waste water processes and careers.

Not Your Average Facility Tour.

What is Wastewater? Let’s make some at the South Cross Bayou Advanced Water Reclamation Facility.

How your wastewater gets clean! Touring the South Cross Bayou Advanced Water Reclamation Facility.