Small Business Enterprise (SBE) Consultants’ Competitive Negotiation Act (CCNA) Program

Small Business Enterprise – Professional Services Solicitations

CCNA Compliance

The purpose of these procedures is to ensure Pinellas County’s compliance with Section 287.055 Florida Statutes known as the “Consultants’ Competitive Negotiation Act” (CCNA). CCNA establishes contracting procedures by which counties can select architects, professional engineers, landscape architects, or registered surveyors and mappers (Professional Services).


The Small Business Enterprise Program (SBE Program) is non-specific to gender or race providing opportunities for small businesses to meet the following requirements to participate in the market created by Pinellas County Government. The SBE Program has a sheltered market component for engagements up to $100K.

To ensure greater utilization of certified Pinellas County SBEs, the Purchasing and Risk Management Division has qualified a pool of certified SBE Consultants for CCNA engagements below the $100K sheltered market threshold.

Qualified SBEs are placed on a qualified list for engagements less than $100K and utilized by County departments based on the firm’s area of expertise and qualifications.

Qualified Firms

Firms interested in applying to be a Prequalified SBE CCNA vendor are required to register with OpenGov Procurement (at no cost) and must submit a letter of interest meeting all the requirements for solicitation 21-0457-LI. This solicitation is ongoing, accepting and reviewing submissions as they come in. All proposals will be opened via an electronic lockbox and reviewed and evaluated. Suppliers will be notified once their proposals have been reviewed if they have been prequalified.

Standard Operating Procedures

Work Assignment Form

Getting Started

To register as a supplier/vendor, make an account with OpenGov Procurement.

When registering, be sure to identify as an SBE vendor. Once registered, the County will verify your SBE status with Pinellas County Economic Development.

In addition to registering, once logged in, bids are accessible and visible under the Bids tab. Find bid no. 21-0457-LI and submit your letter of interest within the system.

Make sure you subscribe to Pinellas County when registering in OpenGov so you can follow the County’s active solicitations.

Pinellas County reserves the right to validate and register a firm under the CCNA category.

Point of Contact for the SBE-CCNA Program

For more information about the SBE CCNA Program, contact Pamela Ulrich at 727-464-3150 or