Ambulance Billing & Financial Services

The Pinellas County Ambulance Billing & Financial Services handles billing for Sunstar ambulance transports. Our staff is knowledgeable about working with Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance companies. Our goal is to make the billing process easier and more accessible for patients.

Payment Options

Sunstar accepts a variety of payment options, including checks, money orders and credit card payments (credit card payments include a convenience fee). If you are unable to pay the account balance in full, a monthly payment plan can be arranged by contacting our offices at (727) 582-2008.

Bill Payment Options

  • Online: Sunstar Payment Portal
  • By phone: (727) 582-2008 (Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. except county holidays and training days)
  • By mail: Sunstar Emergency Medical Services
    P.O. Box 31074
    Tampa, FL 33631-3074
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SunStar FirstCare Ambulance Membership Plan

Participation in our membership plan can save you money on ambulance trips in Pinellas County.

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Pay By Credit Card

All payments made by credit card will be charged a convenience fee of $2.50 for up to a $100 payment and an additional $2.50 for each $100 increment or portion thereof. This bank convenience fee will be applied to all credit card payments.

Billing Rates

Effective October 1, 2023 through September 30, 2024

Sunstar Transports
Service Cost
Advanced Life Support $853.86 Per Person
Advanced Life Support 2 $935.31 Per Person
Advanced Life Support - out of town $853.86 Per Person
Critical Care Ambulance $1,344.80 Per Person
Mental Health Transport (Van) $181.44
Mileage per loaded mile $17.79
Emergency Basic Life Support $824.00
Non-Emergency Basic Life Support $800.50
Other Sunstar Services
Service Cost
Dedicated Standby per hour (3 hour minimum) $180.12
Patient Expired at Scene $362.61
Type Cost
Family Membership $129.00
Single Membership $86.00

Sunstar Emergency Medical Services, as a branch of Pinellas County Government, cannot discount or negotiate reductions in established rates.

Billing Disclosures

  • Patient Invoicing: If we were unable to obtain the necessary insurance information required to submit a claim with your provider, an invoice will be sent directly to you.  You can provide additional insurance information to our billing office either by phone, mail, or fax.  Upon receipt of additional information the billing office will submit a claim on your behalf.
  • Insurance Billing: As a courtesy, Sunstar will bill your insurance carrier; however, it is the responsibility of the patient to follow up with their insurance company to resolve issues related to denied claims. Insurance companies have specific criteria for payment of claims, and not all ambulance transports meet their criteria, which may result in a denied claim. Pinellas County must follow federal government guidelines for the billing and coding (categorizing medical conditions) of ambulance patients. Our billing staff utilizes the information documented on the Patient Care Report completed by the attending paramedic to determine the appropriate diagnosis and procedure codes that apply to your ambulance transport.
  • Medical Necessity: Many insurance carriers require that a patient’s medical condition warrant the use of an ambulance in order to pay the claim. In making this determination, other forms of safe transportation must be excluded. Additionally, determining Medical Necessity is complex and is uniquely defined by each provider. Sunstar, in its capacity as the 9-1-1 ambulance provider, is not responsible for situations where an insurance provider determines that an ambulance transport does not meet their Medical Necessity requirements. In such cases, the patient will be billed for the full charge.
  • Insurance Contracting: Sunstar does not contract with any insurance company other than those required by law. Therefore, depending on the nature of a patient’s insurance coverage, the patient may be required to pay any amount that exceeds the “customary” allowable recognized by the insurance company.
  • Auto Accidents: If your transport was the result of a motor vehicle accident, our office will contact you regarding your automobile insurance information. Once we are in receipt of the required information, we will submit a claim to your auto insurance carrier on your behalf.
  • Ambulance Transport Records:  Attending Sunstar paramedics are required to complete a Patient Care Report, also referred to as a run report during the transport. The Patient Care Report documents the patient’s condition at the scene and during transport and specifies the action taken to render care during the event
  • Critical Care Ground Transportation: For ground transportation of critically ill patients, Sunstar dispatches the hospital intensive care unit on wheels, known as a Critical Care Transport vehicle. The Critical Care Transport is equipped to transport critical care patients who require ventilators, numerous medicated IV drips and other forms of intensive medical attention. The Critical Care Transport carries a transport infant isolation chamber for advanced neo-natal life support.