About Animal Services

At Pinellas County Animal Services, we’re proud of our shelter and Adoption Center, which was constructed with the Penny for Pinellas 1-cent sales tax. Located on a 7-acre, wooded tract in a non-evacuation zone, this state-of-the-art facility allows us to improve customer service and better care for animals by providing comfortable kennels, improved ventilation and quarantine isolation facilities. These features help to reduce disease, which results in healthier pets as they wait to be reclaimed by their owner or adopted by their new family.

At Animal Services, our mission of caring for the cats and dogs at our facility goes beyond providing a clean and safe environment. In addition to the operation of a very busy Adoption Center, we also provide services to protect public health, safety and welfare. We are firmly committed to public education that promotes responsible pet ownership. Our licensed veterinarian performs numerous surgical procedures, including spaying and neutering. We are dedicated to reuniting citizens and their pets and improving the quality of life for all of Pinellas County.