Backflow Prevention Assembly Charge

What is a Backflow Prevention Assembly?

backflow assembly prevention type commercial/small fireline

A backflow prevention assembly is a device attached to the drinking water meter that keeps potentially contaminated water from the main water line. They are required by Florida Administrative Code and by local ordinance to protect the drinking water supply, keeping you healthy and safe. These assemblies are tested and repaired as needed to meet minimum requirements.

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Where are Backflow Prevention Assemblies Required?

Pinellas County Utilities is required to install backflow prevention assemblies on properties with reclaimed water availability, commercial properties and for participants of the Alternate Water Sources Rebate Program. Backflow prevention assemblies are also installed on firelines at designated properties.

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Backflow Prevention Assembly Charges

Assembly type Bimonthly charge
Residential (< 1") $3.18
Commercial/Small Fireline (< 2") $11.67
Commercial/Multi-Family (type DCVA/DCDA, > 4") $30.83
Commercial/Multi-Family (type RP, > 4") $31.67