Business Technology Services Board

The Pinellas County Business Technology Services (BTS) Board is an independent board composed of county representatives and constitutional officers. The BTS Board reviews and sets policy for common technology issues and expenditures, as well as facilitates the economic and effective provision of business technology services and support to county operations and constitutional officers.

The Pinellas County Business Technology Services Board meets quarterly. Meetings begin at 2 p.m.


Member Title
Mike Twitty - Chair Property Appraiser
Julie Marcus - Vice Chair Supervisor of Elections
René Flowers County Commissioner
Janet C. Long County Commissioner
Kathleen Peters County Commissioner
Ken Burke Clerk of the Circuit Court
Sara Mollo Public Defender
Bob Gualtieri Sheriff
Anthony Rondolino Chief Judge, Sixth Judicial Court
Bruce Bartlett State Attorney
Charles W. Thomas Tax Collector

Past Meetings

Date Title Attachments
April 17, 2023 BTS Board Agenda
January 30, 2023 BTS Board Agenda
May 3, 2022 BTS Board Agenda
February 24, 2022 BTS Board Agenda
December 16, 2021 BTS Board Agenda
August 20, 2021 BTS Board Agenda
April 15, 2021 BTS Board Agenda
February 24, 2021 BTS Board Agenda
August 20, 2020 BTS Board Agenda
May 21, 2020 BTS Board Agenda
March 3, 2020 BTS Board Agenda

Older meeting materials may be requested by submitting a public records request.

Additional Information

Membership is comprised of three county commissioners and eight constitutional officers as set forth by an Interlocal Agreement.

Resolution #08-01 Establishing BCC Steering Committee
Resolution #09-01 Establishing Oracle Business Applications
Resolution #10-01 Establishing Enterprise GIS Steering
Resolution #11-01 Oracle Project Unified Solutions
Resolution #14-01 Business Technology

All citizens appointed by the Pinellas County Board of County Commissioners or an individual commissioner to any county board, committee, council, or authority must comply with these standards of conduct.