Wastewater/Stormwater Partnership

The Wastewater/Stormwater Partnership is a joint initiative of the Pinellas County Board of County Commissioners, Pinellas County municipalities and other agencies to identify wastewater and stormwater solutions for the county.

Formed in October 2016, the partnership is comprised of state and county officials, 17 municipal leaders, seven local agency leaders and three private utility systems, as well as staff representatives who serve on a Technical Working Group.

In response to common goals established at the first partnership meeting, the Technical Working Group presented an initial action plan in January. The action plan analyzed the events that led to the overflow situation during Hurricane Hermine and recommended approaches to avoiding future sanitary sewer overflows, including:

  • Increasing wastewater treatment capacity at appropriate levels
  • Increasing wastewater storage capacity at appropriate levels
  • Reducing inflow and infiltration of stormwater and groundwater into the separate sanitary sewer system

The Technical Working Group’s recommendation merged the three solutions into a cohesive plan of action to reduce the greatest cause of inundation of the system—inflow and infiltration of stormwater and groundwater into the sanitary sewer system—at the same time, incrementally increasing treatment capacity and/or storage capacity where applicable or appropriate. Additionally, the Technical Working Group recommended implementing a countywide public dialogue program to increase education outreach and citizen engagement.

Leaders and staff will continue to meet regularly and track progress of the various joint initiatives.

Partnership Goals and Opportunities

  • Avoid and mitigate spills, overflows and releases of sewage into the environment, particularly water bodies.
  • Increase capacity and resiliency of collective sewer system and wastewater treatment infrastructure.
  • Seek opportunities to address drainage and stormwater issues that impact the sewer system.

Meeting Archives

Date Title Attachments
May 27, 2021 Wastewater/Stormwater Partnership Meeting Video
June 25, 2020 Wastewater/Stormwater Partnership Meeting Video
May 23, 2019 Wastewater-Stormwater Partnership AgendaMeeting Video
April 9, 2018 Wastewater-Stormwater Partnership AgendaPresentationMeeting Video

The Wastewater/Stormwater Partnership leaders and staff will continue to meet regularly and track progress of the various joint initiatives. Any meeting documentation and video resulting from these meetings will be on this page shortly after the meeting.

Wastewater Stormwater Task Force Steering Committee
The partnership held its inaugural meeting on Monday, Oct. 17, 2016, at the University Partnership Center – Digitorium, located at the Seminole Campus of St. Petersburg College. At the meeting, the partnership shared their ideas for the partnership’s framework, mission and short-term and long-term goals.

Archives of meetings held prior to 2018

To obtain archives for meetings held prior to 2018, please submit a Public Records Request.

Additional Information


Name Title Agency
Frank Hibbard Mayor City of Clearwater
Julie Ward Bujalski Mayor City of Dunedin
Samuel Henderson Mayor City of Gulfport
Lynne Ladner Manager Town of Kenneth City
Woody Brown Mayor City of Largo
Bill Queen Mayor Town of N. Redington Beach
Eric Seidel Mayor City of Oldsmar
Charlie Justice Commissioner Pinellas County
Barry A. Burton County Administrator Pinellas County
Sandra Bradbury Mayor City of Pinellas Park
David Will Mayor Town of Redington Beach
MaryBeth Henderson Mayor Town of Redington Shores
Joe Ayoub Mayor City of Safety Harbor
Arthur Penny* Mayor City of South Pasadena
Rick Kriseman Mayor City of St. Petersburg
Amy Foster Councilmember St. Petersburg City Council
Alan Johnson Mayor City of St. Pete Beach
Chris Alahouzos Mayor City of Tarpon Springs
Tyler Payne Mayor City of Treasure Island
Patrick Soranno President Big-C
Tom Lally President CONA, St. Petersburg
Tim Lima President CNCN
Laura Simkanic President Lealman Community Assoc.
Arthur Penny* President Pinellas County Mayors' Council
Mike Wilson Director of Operations West Coast Utilities, Inc. of Florida
Esther Eugene President NAACP - St. Petersburg
Kenneth D. Colen President On Top of the World
Jerry Frulio President Tierra Verde Association

*Arthur Penny serves as both the City of South Pasadena Mayor and the Pinellas County Mayors’ Council President.

Technical Working Group Members

Name Title Agency
Rich Gardner Utilities Director City of Clearwater
Jorge M. Quintas Deputy City Manager City of Dunedin
Tom Nicholls Public Works Director City of Gulfport
Shelby Beauchemin Director of Environmental Service Department City of Largo
Mike Wilson Director of Operations West Coast Utilities, Inc. of Florida
Dan Simpson Director of Public Works City of Oldsmar
Stacey Boyles Assistant Director of Public Works City of Treasure Island
Megan Ross Utilities Director Pinellas County
Kelli Levy Public Works Director Pinellas County
Will Herbert Director of Public Utilities City of Pinellas Park
Jeff Shoobridge Town Administrator Town of Redington Shores
Renee Cooper Public Works Director City of Safety Harbor
Shawn Shimko Director of Public Works City of South Pasadena
Claude Tankersley Public Works Administrator City of St. Petersburg
Keith Bodeker Construction Project Supervisor Kenneth City
Mike Clarke Public Works Director City of St. Pete Beach
Paul Smith Public Services Director City of Tarpon Springs
Mike Helfrich Assistant City Manager / Director of Public Works City of Treasure Island