BP Economic Settlement Funds

The Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill impacted the economy of the entire Gulf Coast. As a result of those damages, local governments, including Pinellas County, filed suit against the oil rig operator, British Petroleum (BP). In July 2015, the county accepted a settlement from BP of $7.1 million after attorney’s fees and other expenses.

This settlement is a one-time revenue source; after these funds are expended, there will not be any additional money.

About the BP Settlement Funds

In May 2016, our Board of County Commissioners met to determine the guiding principles for using the BP funds awarded to Pinellas County.

After conducting multiple citizen engagement surveys to receive public feedback, insights and input for projects countywide, the Board approved projects and funding in December 2016.

Today, Pinellas County staff continue to work with the community and our partners on projects that are undergoing additional consideration, research and planning. View the projects under consideration.

You can also view the projects that have already been completed and/or approved.

Guiding Principles for BP Settlement Funding

  • Funded projects will be aligned with the Board of County Commissioner’s Doing Things Strategic Plan and will be planned or funded by December 31, 2017.
  • BP funds will be used for one-time only expenditures that have a substantial and visible community impact.
  • Funded projects will support Pinellas’ economic and environmental sustainability and/or create a sense of place.
  • Unincorporated area projects throughout the county will be given priority.
  • Use of county funding for projects within a city will require city participation.

Meetings and Work Sessions

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