Fixed Due Date for Water Bills

Pinellas County Utilities offers a convenient option to select your own bill due date. This means that if you prefer to pay your utility bill on a specific day instead of your assigned date, you can change the due date.

There are a few ways to change your billing due date. You can:

Fixed Due Date FAQs

What is a fixed due date?

A fixed due date is an option that allows you to choose a bill due date that is different than the date assigned to you by Pinellas County Utilities.

Can I choose any day of the month?

Your fixed due date can be between days 1 and 28 of the month.

Will choosing a new due date change the date my meter is read?

No. Your fixed due date will not change the meter read schedule.

When does my fixed due date go into effect?

The fixed due date will apply to the first bill that occurs after you select your new date. It does not apply retroactively to previous or existing bills.

Can I request a deferral if I am unable to pay the bill by my fixed due date?

No. We do not allow for a deferral after you have selected a fixed due date.

Can I change the fixed due date at any time?

Once the account posts a bill with the fixed due date, that date becomes the bill’s due date. The due date on the open bill cannot be changed, and changes to the fixed due date will only affect future bills. Changing the fixed due date, reverting back to the original due date or frequently amending the fixed due date may result in multiple bills falling within a 28-day period.