FY2019 through FY2024 Capital Improvement Program

Capital Improvement Plan FY19-FY24 with Pinellas County logo and the Wall Springs Park tower in the background.

The Pinellas County Capital Improvement Program (CIP) is a comprehensive six-year plan of proposed capital projects intended to identify and balance the capital needs of the community within the fiscal capabilities and limitations of the County. It is primarily a planning document and is updated annually and subject to change as the needs of the community become more defined and the adopted projects move closer to final approval. The plan is presented as a six-year plan, FY19 – FY24.

The first year of the program is the basis for actual appropriations authorized by the Board of County Commissioners for capital projects when adopting the annual budget. The remaining five years are a guide for the future development of the County’s new and replacement infrastructure needs. The overall CIP schedule is formulated to reflect County priorities and needs by taking into consideration the County’s goals and policies, the Pinellas County Strategic Plan, project urgency, the County’s ability to administer the project, involvement of outside agencies, and the potential for future project funding. This includes developing a realistic fiscal impact on the operating budget once a project is complete. To facilitate multi-year budgetary planning, information on each project’s estimated fiscal impact on future operating budgets is vital. Estimating the fiscal impact of each project provides for the thoughtful integration of the capital and operating budgets.

The CIP brings together needs identified through many capital processes. Projects are established in the CIP based upon input from citizen requests, public discussions, engagement with partners, safety needs, planned rehabilitation cycles, grant funding processes, County staff and Commissioners, as well as the County’s Comprehensive Plan, Community Redevelopment Area (CRA) Plans, the Long Range Transportation Plan, and other County master plans. While capital projects originate from a variety of sources, projects most often come forward through the sponsoring department that is responsible for their implementation.

To obtain a copy of the FY2019 through FY2024 Capital Improvement Program, please contact the Office of Management and Budget at (727) 464-3596.