Leaf It On The Lawn

Did you know that stormwater is the leading threat to water quality?

Yard debris can be transported to stormwater pipes and waterways, causing problems for you and your community.

  • Yard debris can clog stormwater pipes and ditches, passing on flooding and water quality issues to homeowners.
  • As yard debris decomposes, nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus are released into the water. This causes algae blooms, which are unsightly and can kill fish.

Tips for Proper Yard Debris Disposal

Use it as Free Fertilizer

  • Grass clippings and leaves return nutrients and water to the soil.
  • Mulching mowers may be more efficient, but several passes with any rotary mower will yield the same results with no impacts on turf.
  • Use a blower or broom to keep grass clippings and leaves in the yard instead of in the street.

Dispose of it Properly

If you must dispose of yard waste, do one of the following:

  • Compost it.
  • Bag it for pick up.