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Pool Construction & Maintenance Best Management Practices

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Best management practices, or BMPs, are procedures that should be used to prevent pollutants — such as paints, solvents, mortar and other harsh chemicals — and their contaminated wash water from entering our storm drains and polluting our waterways.

  • Before draining, ensure pool water contains 0.01 mg/L of chlorine or less.
  • Drain water to vegetated areas such as lawns or gardens. Ensure this does not cause erosion.
  • Dispose of particulate filter material, such as diatomaceous earth, in a dumpster or other approved receptacle.
  • During pool construction, observe all standard construction best management practices. These include protecting storm inlets on- and off-site with appropriate protection devices.
  • Do not store construction materials (sand, gravel, etc.) in the road. Keep all materials within the construction site properly.
  • Have a concrete equipment washout area at construction sites where masonry or concrete waste can harden.
  • If an equipment leak occurs, make sure the leak is repaired as soon as possible. Use an absorbent material, such as clay or kitty litter, to collect the free product and dispose of the absorbed materials in the trash. Utilize a drip pan to collect any leaking fluids, and recycle or dispose of the fluids properly. Train all personnel in proper procedures to avoid and clean up spills.

Pollution Prevention

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Streets and storm drains are part of the drainage system, which protects developed areas from flooding. Everything that enters the streets and storm drains flows directly into waterways without treatment and can cause pollution. Disposing of pool construction or maintenance discharge materials in the street or storm drain is prohibited by law.

Contact Information

  • To report illegal dumping or for more information, call (727) 464-4425, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • For questions on waste disposal, contact Pinellas County Solid Waste at (727) 464-7500.
  • For 24-hour voicemail (non-emergency spills only), call (727) 464-5060.

Pinellas County Stormwater Regulations

Pinellas County’s stormwater ordinance, Article VI, Chapter 58, is intended to protect the water quality and natural habitat of creeks, lakes and marine waters that receive discharges from our drainage system. The ordinance states that any discharge to the drainage system or to a waterway that is not composed entirely of stormwater is prohibited.

This means that pollutants of any kind, including contaminated wash water and construction materials, may not enter the street, storm drain or gutter. Violators of the stormwater ordinance may be fined up to $10,000 per day, and payment for cleanup costs may be required.

More Information

For more information on what you can do to keep our waterways clean and our watersheds healthy, or to report pollution, call the Watershed Management Hotline at (727) 464-4425 or email us at watershed@pinellascounty.org.