Other Year Round Watering Restrictions

These restrictions apply to all water sources.

Florida Administrative Code 40D-22

New Plant Material (Lawn & Landscaping) Establishment Period Irrigation Exemption

Proof of new lawn material must be faxed to (727) 464-3717

New plant materials may be watered for a 60-day total establishment period.

  • From Day 1 to Day 30, new plants may be watered any day of the week.
  • From Day 31 to Day 60, new plants may be watered three days a week.
    • Even addresses only on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday
    • Odd addresses only on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday
  • You may only water in the new lawn or plant area during authorized hours.
  • Exemption begins on the day of installation. New turf grass or plants can be watered one time outside of watering times on installation day.
  • You can only use an entire irrigation system zone if it waters an area with at least 50% new plant material.
  • Partial zone and dispersed plantings like trees, plants and shrubs must be watered by another, more targeted, irrigation method.

Washing Windows, Buildings & Mobile Homes

Using water for windows, buildings or mobile homes is allowed, but low-volume watering methods should be used. Hosing down a building or structure to remove material that could be done with an alternative method is considered wasteful.

Washing Sidewalks & Driveways

Hosing off sidewalks and driveways is allowed, but low-volume watering methods should be used. Hosing down a driveway or surface to remove debris that could be swept with a broom or dry method is considered wasteful.

Washing Vehicles

You are allowed to wash your vehicle if necessary on any day or time; however, you must use a shut-off nozzle or water-efficient device.

Trees, Shrubs, Flowers & Vegetables

Hand-watering is allowed as needed if a shut-off nozzle or other water efficient device is used.

Lawn Chemicals

Chemical applications can be watered on your lawn during authorized watering hours. Watering-in is limited to one application of one-quarter inches within 24 hours of the application or per manufacturer’s instructions. If applied by a professional, a sign with the date of application is required on site. Report chemical applications to (727) 464-4000.

Hand-Watering Lawns

Lawns may be hand-watered in specific areas to provide the same level of moisture throughout the lawn. This is considered a water-conserving method to account for a difference in sun exposure, sprinkler coverage and other differences throughout your lawn.

Low-Volume Irrigation Devices

Landscaping (groundcover other than your lawn) may be watered as needed if low-volume irrigation technology is used. In this case, you do not have to follow the watering schedule.

Irrigation System Testing & Repair

You can operate your irrigation system for maintenance and repair no more than once a week for up to 10 minutes. You must have someone on-site monitoring the testing.

Wasteful & Unnecessary Use of Water

The following wasteful and unnecessary water uses are prohibited:

  • Leaving a hose on unattended;
  • Hosing down a driveway, solid surface or structure when another method could be used;
  • Hand-watering a lawn on a restricted day or more than once a day, except when used for spot treatment;
  • Not fixing an irrigation or plumbing issue, like broken sprinkler heads or outdoor faucets, after receiving a verbal or written notice; and,
  • Watering during or after rainfall. It is required for irrigation systems to have an operating rain sensor or soil moisture sensing device installed. This system allows you to bypass irrigation cycles when your lawn is watered sufficiently.