Palms of Pinellas Apartment Project

Pinellas County makes it a priority to provide residents with safe and affordable places to live. The Palms of Pinellas apartment project is a partnership between public and private organizations to do just that.

  • To provide gap financing, public and private organizations leverage money from multiple sources, including county surtax funds, BP settlement funds and HOME dollars.
  • Land is purchased and put into a land trust to make sure it stays affordable for a long time.
  • Affordable workforce housing is set aside for residents at different income levels:
    • 19 units for residents at 50 percent of Area Median Income (AMI)
    • 10 units for residents at 80 percent of AMI
    • 19 units with SHIP rent limits for residents at 50 percent of AMI
    • 19 units with SHIP rent limits for residents at 120 percent of AMI
    • 25 units have no program or rent restrictions but must be leased to residents at or below 150 percent of AMI
  • The apartments are marketed specifically to teachers, hospital employees and neighboring businesses.
Interior of Palms of Pinellas afforable housing, meeting space with couches and comfortable chairs
Palms of Pinellas sign and palm trees at the entrance to the affordable housing complex