Pinellas Trail Courtesy

Keep yourself and others safe by following these courtesy messages and enjoy our trails.

Be Nice – Say Hi!

Remember to share our trails, be friendly and be courteous to your fellow trail users. People have different reasons for being on our trails. They travel in different ways, with different abilities, and different speeds. 

Keep Right – Pass Left

  • Stay as close to right as possible, except when passing.
  • Leave room for others to pass, whether walking or biking.
  • Stay right and never take up more than half the trail.
  • Announce yourself with a bell or by speaking in your normal voice “on your left” before you’ve arrived.

Be Alert, Look & Listen

  • Stop, look and listen.
  • Avoid using headphones or keep the volume low so that you can hear nearby trail users.

Standing Still? Stand Aside

  • Need a break or a minute to regroup, please stand aside.
  • Don’t remain stopped or standing on the trail.
  • For group rides, use no more than half the trail; don’t hog the trail.
  • Stop and regroup completely off the trail.

Use Safe Speeds

  • Don’t ride your bike at higher speeds in crowded areas. Very fast riding is inappropriate for crowded trails.
  • During heavy use periods, like holidays and weekends, stay single file.

Stop. Then Cross Cautiously

  • Stop at stop signs.
  • Pay attention at crosswalks.
  • Slow down before intersections and when entering the trail from the road.

Keep Your Pets Close

  • The trails are for everyone to enjoy. Keep pets close and on a leash no greater than 6 feet.
  • Retractable leashes can easily become hazards on busy trails, keep pets safe by keeping them close.

Don’t Trash Your Trail

  • Keep our trails clean by using trash cans or just take your waste with you. 
  • Pack in, pack out.
  • Encourage others to respect the trail.