Down Payment Assistance

Buying a home is a big dream — and investment — for many Pinellas County residents. Taking a Homebuyer Class can help you feel more prepared to take the leap, while Pinellas County’s Down Payment Assistance Program can provide the financial help to reach your homeownership goal.

Looking for a new home and need help with down payment and closing costs? Pinellas County’s Down Payment Assistance Program can help.

Family moving into new home

The Down Payment Assistance Program offers up to $50,000 in an interest-free, deferred loan.

Eligibility Requirements

  • The home must be your primary residence.
  • The purchase price must be $349,525 or less.
  • You must meet income eligibility requirements.
  • Other eligibility criteria may apply.

If you’re eligible and interested in applying, you must go through your mortgage lender.

Lender Information

The goal of the Down Payment Assistance Program is to increase affordable homeownership opportunities by providing down payment and closing costs assistance to potential homebuyers. Pinellas County Community Development also provides the program guidelines, applicable forms, affidavits, and reviews compliance packages to ensure eligibility requirements are met.

Program Guidelines

The Underwriting Guidelines – Down Payment Assistance Loan Program describe the current rules and requirements, outline the role of Community Development, and set forth the requirements for lenders to participate.

Application Instructions

Applications for Down Payment Assistance must be submitted by the homebuyer’s 1st Mortgage Lender. To submit an application for an eligible homebuyer, Lenders must login to the application portal.

Please reference the Lender Guide for Downpayment Assistance Applications for instructions on how to create an account and submit an application.

Take a Homebuyer Class

Learn the ABC’s of homeownership and buying a home at a Homebuyer Class. Check the class schedule for classes provided by Housing and Urban Development (HUD)-approved housing counseling agencies.

Need assistance? Contact Community Development for more information on how to achieve your dream of homeownership. Call (727) 464-8210 or submit our contact form.