Reclaimed Water Connection Checklist

In accordance with the Reclaimed Water Ordinance 97-103, reclaimed water connections must pass a cross connection inspection prior to the activation of reclaimed water service. As a public service and as required, Pinellas County Utilities will conduct a Cross Connection Inspection before you connect to the reclaimed water system. Remember that reclaimed water is for the irrigation of exterior landscaping, trees, lawns and most gardens. Reclaimed water lines are not allowed inside of any building.

Prior to beginning any work, please contact your local municipality and your local building department to determine if a permit is required. You can reach the building department at (727) 464-3888.

You Received The Reclaimed Water Application

  1. Choose from the three types of approved RCW irrigation systems you would be using (or any combination):
    • In-Ground Irrigation System
    • In-Ground Hose Bibb
    • Above Ground Hose Bibb
  2. Homeowner must complete and sign the application.
  3. Return the application to Pinellas County Utilities by email or by mail to:

    Pinellas County Utilities
    PO Box 1780
    Clearwater, FL 33757-1780
  4. Once the reclaimed water application has been received and processed, you will receive confirmation by email or by mail.
  5. For a successful inspection of your irrigation system, be certain that the system is complete and operable with the exception of the final connection to the reclaimed water source.
  6. Finally when the irrigation system is complete and ready for your Reclaimed Water Cross Connection Inspection, please call to schedule an appointment.

Call (727) 464-5848 reclaimed water inspection.

Then, review:

Inspection Requirements for Reclaimed Water

Items Provided and Installed by Owner or Contractor

  1. Irrigation system – A complete and operable irrigation system.
  2. Master Control Valve (required) – This is an in-line valve used to turn off the water if repairs are required on your system.
  3. Wye Strainer – A device that strains out any material that may be found in water from construction activities, pipe replacements or pond-stored water. Those properties north of Gulf-to-Bay Boulevard are required to install this device. A wye strainer is recommended in all other areas of the county.
  4. Paint – Paint must be UV resistant and equivalent to Krylon’s “Safety Plum Purple.”
  5. Irrigation Valve Box (optional) – Standard box with a lid that is either purple from the factory or painted with the approved paint.


  1. No connection to the reclaimed water system will be made until the county inspector is present.
  2. All irrigation systems connected to the reclaimed water system will have a master control valve installed outside the county’s reclaimed box.
  3. At the point of connection to the reclaimed water pipe and disconnection from the existing pipe(s), a minimum separation of 3 feet is required between the pipes. The disconnect point must be exposed on the day of inspection.
  4. All irrigation systems connected to reclaimed water should have a wye strainer installed if the property is North of Gulf-to-Bay Blvd. In all other areas of the county, a wye strainer is recommended.
  5. If you choose to use an irrigation valve box, it must have a lid that is either purple in color from the factory or painted with the approved paint.
  6. All exposed pipes located above ground and that contain or will contain reclaimed water must be painted purple or have an integral purple dye from the manufacturer. The only exceptions are vertical pipes supplying bush sprinkler heads.

Soaker (semi-permeable) hoses

If you choose to install these, they must meet the following criteria:

  1. The supply pipe and terminal end is painted with the approved paint.
  2. The soaker hose is permanently secured (glued or clamped) to the supply pipe.
  3. All connections, including the terminal end, are to be either glued or clamped. Standard hose threads are to be deleted.
  4. All pipes that supplied potable, well or any other source of water to the irrigation system must be cut and permanently capped below ground or removed.
  5. The only hose supply connection allowed is an approved cam-lock type secured with an appropriate clamp. It must be located in a lockable, Pinellas County supplied and installed box (located near the street) with a DEP approved purple colored lid. The following words are embossed in the surface of the lid: ‘RECLAIMED WATER, DO NOT DRINK, NO BEBER’. Also the international “Do not drink” symbol which is a cup of water encompassed by a circle with a slash through the cup is embossed in the surface.
  6. Please note that when converting to reclaimed water, the entire lawn irrigation system is to be supplied by reclaimed water. If you wish, a single irrigation line, dedicated only for watering a garden, may be supplied by either your existing well or potable water.
  7. Your existing well may remain with hose bibbs near the well.